What Was The Bull Terrier Club?

A bull terrier and a cat

The Buller Terrier Club (BTC) website revolved around promoting all things about the Bull Terriers for people to learn about this breed. The Bull Terrier Club was established in the UK in 1887, making it one of the oldest dog breed clubs. As they prided themselves on being an exclusive club, an entrance fee was required to be admitted to the club. The club had elected leaders and specific rules that all members adhered to. Some of those rules were as follows:

  • To promote and encourage the welfare, breeding, exhibition, and betterment of pure Bull Terriers.
  • To urge owners, breeders, and judges to adhere to the standard of the breed, approved by the kennel club.
  • To be ready to propose and support alterations in the Standard of the Breed as approved by the kennel club.

Breed Ownership Information

People would frequent the website to find information about owning a Bull Terrier, namely health and diet, training, and possible health issues. The details in those sections were written by breed and canine experts, like Miss Meg Williams. Miss Williams wrote extensively about training Bull Terriers over 40 years ago, and the website used her knowledge for people to utilize.

Breed Standards for Trophy Shows

The club prided itself on presenting the highest quality Bull Terriers for shows and competitions. On the website, there was a list of characteristics that a quality Bull Terrier should possess. Some of those characteristics were as follows:

  • Strongly built, muscular, well-balanced, and active with a keen, determined, and intelligent expression.
  • Head is long, strong, and deep right to the end of muzzle, but not coarse.
  • Teeth sound, clean, strong, of good size, regular with perfect, regular, and complete scissor bite.

Additional Bull Terrier Club Tasks

In addition to promoting the Bull Terrier as a breed for ownership and show, the BTC also provided support to rescue and rehome unwanted or abused Bull Terriers. The club would raise between £6,000–£8,000 each year for this cause under the name “The Bull Terrier Club Welfare Trust”.

Although the BTC is no longer an active organization, their contribution led to other Bull Terrier clubs and organizations being founded, further educating people on this canine.