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Trophy Show Accommodation at The Royal Court Hotel


I have received a message from Maria Hudson at The Royal Court asking me to issue the following statement regarding booking rooms for the Trophy Show 2016:


All bookings that are in the system already are safe please telephone or email me on 02476 334171 or if they want to check.

All rooms need to be paid in full prior to arrival in February 2016 if possible by 31 January 2016

Rooms can be paid by Cheque, Bank transfer, or credit card

Can all guests book their own rooms with a card to guarantee the booking.

Please do not try and book blocks of rooms without payment guarantee


Elaine M. Ball

Hon. Secretary

The Bull Terrier Club

The BTC Trophy Show 2016 – Booking Accommodation at The Royal Court Hotel


I have spoken with Maria Hudson at The Royal Court Hotel today. The procedure for booking rooms is as follows:


                   They will not accept any BLOCK bookings for rooms

                   All rooms MUST be paid for at the time of booking

                   Payment can be made by Credit Card


A booking reference number is not confirmation that a room has been reserved, this will only be confirmed when payment in FULL is made.


The hotel has a new computer system in place which will automatically show the room as available if there is an outstanding balance due at the end of July.

The Central Reservations Team also has access to the system at the hotel to enable them to book rooms. Although this shouldn’t happen as we have the whole of the hotel for the full weekend.


Under the Terms & Conditions of the hotel, cancellations made 7 days prior to the event will be refunded in full, after this time cancellation charges will apply.


Could everyone please ensure that they contact the hotel and pay for their rooms in full before the end of July to avoid any disappointments. Anyone who arrives with just a booking reference and have not paid for their rooms, will be accommodated at their sister hotels if rooms are not available at the Royal Court.


Please contact Maria Hudson, telephone: 02476 334171 to reserve your room and make your payment. Maria’s email address is


Elaine M. Ball

Hon Secretary

The Bull Terrier Club