BTC Trophy Show Critiques 2019

The Bull Terrier Club – The 2019 Trophy Show

Sunday, 23rd February, 2020



Judge: Carl Pew USA

I wish to thank the Committee and the Bull Terrier Club for the honor of judging this year’s Regent Trophy Competition. The exhibits were well prepared, and their owners were most gracious to allow me to evaluate their dogs. My co-judge and I were in complete agreement in our decisions.


Regent Trophy, Charlie Girl Cup for Movement

Winner: Mr. D. Parkington’s Olliebrad Some Might Say. Shapely brindle and white, whose make and shape could be a study of the standard. His head has width and depth, an unexaggerated but smooth profile, very good expression, completely filled foreface, excellent width at the muzzle, and especially good depth at the muzzle, ears set on high, and big teeth in correct scissors alignment. Behind the collar, he has excellent length of neck leading to a very well laid shoulder assembly, front legs are straight, excellent round bone and are tucked right under his ribs correctly. Ribcage is broad and deep with a nice brisket out front. He is square in outline, topline is strong and level with just a slight arch over the loin, rear quarters are muscular and well developed with well let down hocks. He moves exactly as one would expect from his construction with balanced reach and drive, parallel front and rear, covering the ground easily while maintaining his solid topline. He was handily the winner of the Charlie Girl Cup for movement.


Coverwood Casket, Golden State Trophy

Runner Up: Miss D. Heath and Mr. S. Morris’ Ch. Bluepoint Kittywake. Statuesque all white bitch, with a remarkably strong head without any loss of femininity. She has a dramatically turned profile highlighting her head’s excellent length, wicked expression, small high set on ears, foreface is completely filled without any indentations, strong width and depth at the muzzle and correct bite. She has good length of neck to her shoulders, front legs are straight with good bone, ribcage is well sprung and deep, just off square in outline, rear quarters are well muscled, tail set on correctly.

Another top-quality dog worthy of mention was Afanbull Gorgeous George, a white and black brindle marked dog with an excellent head piece, wicked expression, and the shortest of short backs, so needed in the breed these days.


Judge: Eric Stanley (Aricon)

It was an honour to judge The Regent Trophy and Charlie Girl Cup with my very good friend  Carl Pew

We were in complete agreement on our decision

With a large entry they were very well behaved.

With poor toplines,  stiff stilted movement and bad mouths becoming the norm and visiting dogs from abroad becoming more prevalent

Winner: OllieBrad Some Might Say

It was to my great joy to find a dog of outstanding virtues perfectly marked brindle and white from the tip of his noses to the tip of his tail he just flowed,  Outstanding  construction his head is long clean filled without exaggeration, perfect teeth,  outstanding neck , shoulders, topline and first class hindquarters, correct tail set he moved with such fluidity , rock solid perfect topline on the move with outstanding drive , shown in super condition and went on to win The Charlie Girl Cup for best mover

A dog of value to the breed

Runner Up: CH Bluepoint Kittiwake

Beautiful girl of the highest quality , excellent head ,correct teeth,  she was well balanced with good front and feet and correct tail set,   ” Standing ”

Sadly, poor movement,  Topline out

Shown in excellent condition



Judge: Ortlieb Lothary (Amadis)

Many thanks to the Bull Terrier Club Committee for inviting me to judge the Ormandy Jug for Dogs. It was a real great honour and a pleasure.

My co-judge and good friend Mrs. Linda McGregor were in complete agreement with our placings.

Winner: Legatt`s Ch Rabram Rock Star – is an outstanding white male with an eyepatch. 5 years old with a very strong well filled classical head. Keen expression, good ear carriage and dark eye. His mouth is good with one missing incisor by an accident. Very good neck and shoulders. Short strong back, a straight front with good bone. He has a very good ribcage, deep chest and is well angulated. His movement is fair with enough drive from behind. He was well handled, and it was a pleasure to judge him.


Runner up: Foster`s Ch Bilboen Great Dragon`s Spy – a first class brindle and white. Excellent head with fill and a sweeping profile. Correct bite. Good neck and shoulders. Very good topline, straight front and good feet. Good body shape and quarters. Moved extremely well in both directions.  Nicely handled we sent him forward for the Charlie Girl Cup.


Also put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup was Patterson`s Ch Golitha Generation X.  A good sound dog who moved very well.  Also a dog I liked very much was the young brindle and white Parkington`s Ollibrad Some Might Say, the later winner of the Charlie Girl Cup.


Judge: Linda McGregor (Merlindan)

Thank you to the Bull Terrier Club Committee for inviting me to judge this most prestigious trophy. It was also a great pleasure to have as my co-judge my dear friend Ortlieb Lothary.

There were two dogs that stood out right away in the line up and my co-judge and I were in complete agreement with our decisions.

Winner: Leggatt’s Ch. Rabram Rock Star – I have judged this dog, a couple of times previously, when he was a youngster I awarded him the RCC at Darlington 2016 and at Crufts 2019 giving him the DCC, at which time he had matured so much I hardly recognised him and this time he didn’t disappoint either.

A glorious white dog with an eye patch. Fully matured and in his prime at 5 years old.  His head is tremendous, being well balanced of good length and width with a good arc, smoothly filled right up and finished with a gentle turn down. Good ear and eye placement. He now has an incisor missing due to an injury I was told, but other than that his mouth is correct. He has a strong tapering neck leading into a good lay of shoulders, short back and is so well proportioned throughout.  Straight front, neat feet and heavy bone. Deep chest, good spring of ribs with a shapely well rounded body and strong well muscled quarters. Moves fairly well but a little close behind.  Nicely handled, the dog made the most of himself. So pleased to have had the opportunity of going over him again.

Runner up: Foster’s Ch Bilboen Great Dragon’s Spy – I have watched this dog from the ringside on quite a few occasions, seeing him mature and his progression to a well deserved Champion.

A top quality brindle and white dog with a lovely long filled head, classic profile and finish. Correct bite. Good length of neck and lay of shoulders and correct topline. Straight front, deep chest, well sprung ribs and strong quarters.  A very good mover, who was parallel and covered the ground. His accomplished handler got the most out of him. Put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup for movement.

Also put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup Trophy was Patterson’s Ch. Golitha Generation X who also moved exceptionally well both coming and going and who I later discovered was Dragon’s Spy’s son.

Another that caught my eye was the very smart 20 month old brindle and white dog Parkington’s Olliebrad Some Might Say. Well filled head with good profile and finish. Correct mouth. Straight front, good bone, nicely balanced all through and moved true both ways. Went on to win the Regent Trophy and the Charlie Girl Cup.



Judge: Eddie Ball (Firecommand)

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Officers and Committee of The Bull Terrier Club for the kind invitation to judge this prestigious Trophy. I was honoured to accept.

My Co – Judge Mrs Teresa Westwood and I were in complete agreement and the final decisions were reached with ease.  It was an absolute pleasure to judge alongside Teresa.

Overall, mouths were poor with few examples of fully correct dentition.

Movement, for the majority was poor and the winner and the runner-up both moved freely and with grace and again, Teresa and I agreed on our choices of these two for the ‘Charlie Girl Cup’ the Trophy for movement.

Winner: Ch. Bluepoint Kittiwake owned and bred by Miss D. Heath & Mr S. Morris.

Kittiwake excels in femininity; she has beautiful flowing lines and presents a picture of quality yet exceling in type which accentuates her beauty. She is a very well-balanced bitch.

Her head is long, turned and has fill, she has a wicked eye and correct ear placement which gives her lots of expression. Mouth is correct. Her neck is beautiful and flows into her shoulder, the shoulder placement is correct, and she has adequate length of upper arm and the return angle to the elbow is correct. She has a level top line and holds it when moving. Her front is straight, and she has tight feet, elbows are tight, short back and she has excellent rear angulation.  Kittiwake moves parallel and with drive, she flexes well at the elbow which allows her reach.

She has a tendency to turn her foot out when standing lazily but she corrects it immediately she ‘switches on’, a dog with a construction fault cannot correct it.

Runner Up: Teirwgwyn Voodoo Doll owned by Mr & Mrs Dodd, bred by Mrs A. Roberts. Teirwgwyn Voodoo Doll came from 1st Reserve into the competition itself and excelled.

I really like her, a very well-balanced bitch, again, very elegant with flowing lines. She has a strong head which has depth, turn and fill. Neck flows into well placed shoulder, straight front, tight feet, good spring of rib, top line is level, she is a touch longer in the back than the winner, but she cannot be described as long in her back, I merely draw a comparison between the two. Her rear quarters are strong and well angulated. She moves parallel and with ease. Well handled.

Voodoo Doll has a slight mouth fault, and it was the difference today. It was that close. I have no doubt that she will go on to her title. Good Luck.


Judge: Teresa Westwood (Tulsadoom)

I would like to thank the Bull Terrier Club for giving me the honour of judging the Ormandy Jugs for Bitches at the prestigious Trophy Show.  It was not only a pleasure to be presented with so many beautiful bitches but also fulfilling this duty with my co-judge Eddie Ball.

All bitches were shown in excellant condition and the owners should be proud of not only how they were presented but how they conducted themselves in the ring.

On the overall decisions there was very little discussion as we were both in complete agreement, not only on the Winner and Runner Up but that they both should be the exhibits that go forward for the Charlie Girl Cup for movement.

Winner: of the Ormandy Jug for Bitches Ch Bluepoint Kittiwake for me is a bitch who oozes breed type and quality. Not a big substantial bitch but everything in proportion and very neatly packaged.  White with small eye patch, her head is well filled and turned.  Small, well placed ears along with small eye give correct punishing expression, all topped off with correct scissor bite.  Her front is straight with good round bone, adequate forechest and nice tight feet.  Her good length of neck leads into well placed shoulders and short back.  Rear quarters are well angulated and muscled which shows when she moves with drive.  Holds her topline on the move and tail is carried correctly.  Overall, very well balanced.  Never stopped showing and is a credit to her handler/owner

Runner Up: Teirwgwyn Voodoo Doll is different in type to the winner.  An upstanding, substantial bitch who is still very feminine.  White with red ear, head has gentle profile with good width and depth all the way through the muzzle.  Her expression is as it should be with correct ear placement and keen eye.  She does have a slight mouth fault but canines are correct and for me could not detract from the overall picture.  Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders.  Deep brisket enhances the overall substance.  Slightly long but holds everything together not only when stood but also when on the move.  Drives with power from good rear and covers the ground with ease.  Again, another bitch who shows from the moment she enters the ring.



Judge: Kerry King (Brasshead) Australia

Firstly I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this prestigious event, I am extremely honoured to have been given this opportunity.

It was a pleasure to judge with co judge Phil Brodeur “Philgin” USA, we had a wonderful entry of coloured bull terriers.

Our winner of the dogs were between #18 CH Bilboen Great Dragon Spy and #22 Olliebrad Some Might say, two lovely brindles with our winner being the more mature, heavier boned boy CH Bilboen Great Dragon Spy with our Opposite of Sex Winner the very typey Ch Emred Devils Nighthawk of Kirkville.

Both coloured boys were sent through to the Charlie Girl Cup for Best Mover.

WINNER: CH Bilboen Great Dragons Spy
Strongly built brindle and white boy, he took my eye as soon as he entered the ring. He has a strong head with plenty of width and depth with a well turned head, scissor bite. Well balanced, Quality round bone right down to his catlike feet . Good lay of shoulder with plenty of prosternem. He has a level topline with well muscled hindquarters finished off with short well boned hocks. He moved well coming and going with plenty of drive.

RUNNER UP: CH Emred Devils Nighthawk at Kirkville
A typey feminine black brindle bitch, showed to perfection. She is well balanced front and rear, beautiful sweeping profile with good expression and scissor bite. Very shapely bitch, oozing quality, moved well.



I would like to thank The Bull Terrier Club for inviting me to judge. Many thanks, also, to my co-judge Ms. Kerry King for making it such a fun and enjoyable experience. And finally, to all the exhibitors who make it happen. I had a great time!

WINNER: CH. Bilboen Great Dragon’s Spy

A brindle and white dog possessing full masculinity and presentation. He has a nice head with good fill, length and depth, one could wish for a tad more width at the end of the muzzle. . Good mouth. Pleasing expression that could be further enhanced with a more oblique eye placement. Could use a tad more length of neck and bone. Good front and shoulder leading to a firm topline. Short back. Good spring of rib. Well let down in the rear. Good movement both in front and rear to the point that we sent him on to the Charlie Girl Cup. He is at peak form and it was a pleasure to award him the Trophy.

RUNNER UP: CH. Emred Devil’s Nighthawk of Kirkville

A square but feminine, typy package. She has a pleasing head with good width and depth. Expression would be exemplary  with a more varminty eye, but it is enhanced by good ear placement. Acceptable bone for her size. Nice length of neck. Short back with a slight dip in topline.  Good spring of rib. Good rear. Moved well in rear, a tad restricted in front. Obviously off a recent litter, her typiness was rewarded. Lovely girl.



Judge: Geoff Skelton (Yashman)

The Bullterrier Club held its annual trophy show at the Royal Court Hotel where it was my honour to be asked to judge the International Trophy along with my co judge Mr Chris Wright. This was a great experience for me as Chris and I lived by each other and started our journey in the breed at the same time.

We had a great selection of quality dogs from across Europe to go over but we agreed on our winners.

Winner From Hungary:  Attila Huse ‘ Rebelside I Feel Good’

White dog who as soon as he entered the ring took your eye with his great ring presence and type, a dog of animation and power. His head is filled with turn but not over done. Has a wicked eye and correct ear placement which gives a striking expression, mouth is ok. He has a powerful neck which leads into a staight front with good feet. Good spring of rib and has a short back, has a good bend of stifle and moved ok. I would have liked his elbows a little more tucked under him and a better tail set but even this doesn’t take away from such a quality dog.

Runner Up: Attila Huse ‘Rebelside Silver Rosie’

White girl as with the dog bounced into the ring and said look at me, a mix of animation and type, Her head is turned with fill, cracking eye and ear placement, piercing expression. Has excellant bone but remained feminine, Mouth is good. Front is straight with good feet. Good depth of chest with a short back, has a well angled rear an moved ok.

Would like her elbows to be tucked in and better tail set but as with the dog she carries this with ease.

On writing this critique I realized they are litter mates, they are such alike and an absolute credit to their breeder.


Judge: Mr Chris Wright (Rightstuff)

I would like to thank the Committee of The Bull Terrier Club for the Invitation to Judge the International Trophy.

A fantastic selection of super Bull Terriers all in great condition.  I enjoyed Judging with Geoff as we have been friends for many years and were both in complete agreement on our winners.

Winner: Rebelside I Feel Good

White male with eyepatch, excellent typy dog with very good expression and well placed ears.  Piercing eye, well-turned head totally filled. Mouth OK, good length of neck, good front with tight feet.  Good shoulders, short back with strong quarters, good depth of chest with well sprung ribs.  Well balanced moved OK with drive.   Pleasure to award him the International Trophy.

Runner Up: Rebelside Silver Rosie

White bitch excellent head with very good expression, well placed ears and a good eye.  Correct mouth, good width of muzzle.  Nice reach of neck straight front short back with good quarters.  Moved OK.  Two very typy dogs.

Found out later they were brother and sister.

A credit to the breeder

BTC Trophy Show Critiques 2018

The Bull Terrier Club – The 2018 Trophy Show

Sunday, 24thFebruary, 2019


 It was both a very great honour to be asked to judge this prestigious trophy and a great pleasure to do so with Danny McGregor.  Danny and I soon discovered that we were making the same comments about the same dogs, because we were both looking for the same quintessential quality – balance.  We were, therefore, in complete agreement that the winner of the Regent Trophy was Ch Emred Dikram Devil’s Brew, the Runner up was Selbullie Dark Side of Blazinbully and best opposite sex, Emred Nighthawk of Kirkville. Devil’s Brew stood out as soon as he entered the ring and was exceptionally well handled, bringing out the best of him.  His head is filled and turned with big white teeth in a correct scissor bite, good ear set, keen eye, all giving rise to correct expression, good round bone and tight feet, clean forehand, deep in the brisket, short in the loin with strong well angulated quarters and great ring presence.  Selbullie Dark Side of Blazinbully is a cobby, flashily marked bl/brindle terrier always on the go, with his knowledgeable handler knowing when to let him have his head and when to check him back, power packed head, varminty eye, scissor bite, strong neck, short coupled, well muscled quarters and short in the hock. Different types, yes, but with one thing in common, they both carried the stamp of quality, style and type that only balance brings. We sent them both through to the Charlie Girl Cup.  In bitches we found our BOS in Emred Nighthawk of Kirkville, not a big bitch, not a shouty look at me bitch but one simply feminine, exuding quality throughout, being very well balanced, standing square, straight front, adequate bone, short back, strong quarters, topped off with a clean turned head and scissor bite. Two others worthy of special mention for me were Bilboen Harlee Quin who came in as reserve competitor and pressed Nighthawk all the way and Serenbull Soul Angel.  We sent Nighthawk and Harlee Quin through to the movement trophy.




There was a starting line up of nine in this competition, emphasising the overall strength of this virtue.  The breeders and owners of the dogs and bitches chosen to compete should be justly proud.  After first moving them straight up and down, Danny and I were able to cut out four. This is not to suggest that they were poor movers, far from it, just that the remaining five were superior. They being, Ch Emred Dikram Devil’s Brew, Ch Dofro Tjurpanna Stormrider, Ch Ukusa Dosequis, Bilboen Harlee Quin and Ch Javarke River Romance.  After moving them again, two stood out, they being Ch Emred Dikram Devil’s Brew and Ch Dofro Tjurpanna Stormrider both of whom moved parallel both ways with long low strides covering lots of ground coming and powerful thrust from the hocks going.  We believed that Stormrider just had the edge as he maintained a perfect topline throughout the proceedings and he took the prize.



I would like to thank the Bull Terrier Club Committee for inviting me judge the Regent Trophy. It was an honour to fulfil this engagement with my co-judge Mr. Frank Dyson.

The quality of the line up of both dogs and bitches were of the highest calibre and it was a pleasure to go over them. We selected two dogs and two bitches from those present for our final deliberations, however my co-judge and I were in complete agreement and it took little discussion as to our placements:

Winner – Mrs D. Lamonby’s Ch Emred Dikram Devils Brew (Ch. Emred Devils Tri Star ex Emred Black Betty).  Handsome white, completely balanced all through, who stood four square exuding type and strength. Super head, strong in width, filled right up with good arc and turn down. Correct mouth. Good expression with well placed eyes and ear set. Strong tapering neck leading into well placed shoulders. Straight front with good round bone and neat feet. Good forechest and spring of ribs.  Short back with correct topline and tailset. Powerful quarters and well angulated. A very good mover who strode out and covered the ground well. Put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup. Handled to perfection by Gisela Duran.

Runner Up was Mr S & Mrs R Mathison’s Selbullie Dark Side of Blazinbully (Ch. Blazinbullys Dark Knight ex Selbullie Too Hot to Handle). Powerful br/w. Well filled head with good profile and turn down. Correct mouth. Strong neck, well rounded body. Straight front.  Deep chest, well sprung ribs and strong quarters. Moved well both ways and was put forward for the Charlie girl cup. Never stopped showing for his handler.

BOS was Mr M. Young & Mrs D Lamonby’s Emred Devils Nighthawk of Kirkville (Ch. Emred Devil’s Advocate ex Emred Dear Prudence) Very typy tri, completely filled and turned head. Good eye and ear placement. Correct mouth. She is a picture standing with good length of neck, decent topline and short backed. Strong quarters and good bend of stifle. Moved freely and with drive.  Showed her socks off and handler got the most out of her.

The other of the two bitches pulled out was:-

Foster & Bicker’s Bilboen Harlee Quinn (Ch Teirwgwyn Paper Gansta ex Ch. Bilboen Beyond the Stars)  Elegant white. Well filled and turned head, with good expression and ear set. Correct mouth. Very well put together with good length of neck and flowing bodylines. Correct topline with good angulation. Moved well both ways and was put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup.

Another put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup was Mrs S Nisbet & Misses K & L Kelly’s Serenbull Soul Angel.

My co-judge and I also judged the Charlie Girl Cup for Best Mover. I was very pleased to see there were some very good movers, which all bodes well for the breed.

CHARLIE GIRL CUP WINNER– Mr & Mrs D Catalina’s Ch. Dofro Tjurpann Stormrider (Ch. Megaville Signing Off ex Ice’s Satin Desire of Quentenhill).  Moved completely parallel and with drive, striding out and owning the ground he walked on.

Danny McGregor (Merlindan)



Thank you to The Bull Terrier Club Committee for inviting me to judge the Ormandy Jug for Dogs. It is a special honor to be asked to judge this prestigious assignment.  Congratulations to all the dogs invited to this special event and to their owners and breeders. It was a pleasure to judge with Mr. Bill Blacker of the Crossguns affix.

We were in complete agreement on the winner of the Ormandy Jug for Dogs:Ch.DOFRO TJURPANNA STORMRIDER. (Ch. MEGAVILLE’S SIGNING OFF ex ICE’S SATIN DIESIRE OF QUENTINHILL) Owners: Mr. & Mrs. D. & L. Catilina. He is a powerfully, well-made dog throughout with a very good expression. His head is nicely turned with a smooth profile and he has good width and depth of muzzle. Mouth correct with large, strong teeth. His eyes are small and correctly placed on his head. He carries his ears well. He has nice length to his neck. He is shapely in body with a good fore-chest and nice depth of brisket. He has strong, round bone right through to his feet. His rear is well muscled with good bend to his stifle. His correct make and shape showed in his movement. He moved correctly coming and going with good drive from the side. He went on to win the Charlie Girl Cupfor movement.

For theRunner-up to the Ormandy Jug for Dogs wechoseCH UKUSA DOSEQUIS (Ch Teirwgwyn Top Gun ex Ch. Ukusa Metamrophosis) Owners:  ​​Mr. & Mrs. G. & A. Newberry. He is an upstanding white with a strong head that is turned and filled with good length. His eyes are small and well placed giving him a lovely expression. He has neat well-set ears. His bone is nice and round. He is shapely in body with a good topline, and nice spring of rib. He has good rear angulation helping him move out with drive. We sent him forward to the Charlie Girl Cup for movement.

Becky Poole  (Rocky Top Bull Terriers)


I would like to thank the Bull Terrier Club for inviting me to judge the Dog Jugs and for the hospitality shown to myself and my wife.    It was a pleasure to judge alongside Mrs Becky Poole.   We had some good exhibits to assess and we were both in full agreement with each other on our decisions.


Ch Dofro Tjurpanna Stormrider owned by Mr & Mrs D Catalina.

This dog has an excellent outline.   He is clean and balanced and the handler gets the best from him.   He has a Long well filled head, well placed big teeth, good eye and well placed ears, overall making a great expression.   He has a clean well boned front with neat tight feet, front and back.   He has a level topline and a well place tail which both held on the move.   He moved very well and went on the win The Charlie Girl Cup for movement.   The dog and handler made a great team.   Well done.

Runner up.

Ch Ukusa Dosequis owned by Mr & Mrs G & A Newberry.

This is a strong well made dog with good bone and substance.   He has a well turned head with good fill, a good bite, deep eye and neat well placed ears.   He has a straight front and a level topline.    He moved well and was selected to compete in the Charlie Girl Cup for movement.   Well Done.

Bill Blacker (Crossguns)




Many thanks to the BTC Committee for the honour of judging the BTC International Trophy. Unfortunately my co-judge, Mr. Jimmy Henderson, was unable to judge on the day due to the extreme fog that morning. My very dear friend Mrs. Josephine Hylands (Terjos) stepped in and it was an experience I will never forget. There was a great deal of quality in the ring and we were in complete agreement with both our Trophy winner and Best of Opposite Sex. I would like to thank the exhibitors who made the very long journey to bring their dogs to compete.

From Poland, the winner of The Bronze Bull Terrier Head, was the brindle dog, Busta Rhymes Let’s Go Party Bulterier. A masculine dog with a powerful head, who never stopped showing. His brindle is a rich mahogany and notably, was one of the few brindles on the day. His head is long and deep, has good width of muzzle and correct dentition. Ears are well placed and along with his small eye gives the classic varminty expression. Neck is long, with a good shoulder and topline. Lovely straight front and strong pasterns.  He has well angled rear quarters and a correct tailset. He moved well both front and rear. From the side his topline held true; he moved freely and tracked nicely. Congratulations to his handler who skillfully showed an energetic young dog to this very deserved win.

From France, our choice for The Terjos Trophy for Best of Opposite Sex, was the lovely white bitch, Bullyrun Noosa. This type of compact, powerful bitch with a smooth athletic build, always catches my eye. Her head is feminine, and packed full from every angle. Her clean, sweeping downturn is to be admired. Her eyes are obliquely set with ears on top, making for wicked expression. Dentition is correct. Her front construction is very good with good bone all the way down to strong pasterns and correct feet. She is short backed with a correct tailset. She carries beautiful round muscle both front and rear and was shown in hard condition. She moved well all ways. This is a high quality bitch.

Melanie Whitehair (Sandstone)



I was asked to judge in the International Trophy in place of Mr Jimmy Henderson, who was unfortunately unable to travel to the show because of heavy fog, and it gave me great pleasure to do so.

I was doubly pleased to be able to judge with my very dear friend, Mrs Melanie Whitehair, whom I have known for a long time.  Melanie and I were in complete agreement throughout the judging process.

The winner of the International Trophy was BUSTA RHYMES LETS GO PARTY BULTERIER from Poland. A very striking, heavyweight, brindle dog with a power packed head, with great depth and lovely turn.  He caught my eye when he walked into the ring as he has a good eye and a lovely expression, with ears bang on top, lovely front and feet.  Mouth okay with a well-developed shapely body and nice quarters.  He moved well both ways.

The winner of the Terjo’s Trophy for Best Opposite Sex was BULLYRUN NOOSA from France.  An outstanding bitch, oozing femininity with a beautiful head, completely filled and turned with a stunning profile. Super eye and expression with lovely neat ears bang on top, mouth good.  She has a lovely long neck and a nice short back with lovely shapely body lines and she just exuded type and quality.  She moved well both ways.

My thanks to all Exhibitors for travelling to the UK and presenting such lovely dogs and bitches to participate in the International Trophy

Jo Hylands (Terjo)



I would like to thank The Bull Terrier Club Committee for inviting me to judge The Ormandy Jug for Bitches, something I consider to be the highest honour.  I was particularly pleased to have as my co-judge Mrs Norma Smith, who has been a friend for many years and it was great to have the opportunity to judge with her. We were in complete agreement with our winner and after a brief consideration for our runner up, we also agreed on our choice.

Winner:  Champion Bilboen Glowing Goddess.  A really super white bitch of outstanding quality and type. Beautiful elegant lines when viewed from the side.  Very good head, gently curved and filled with a good mouth, neatly shaped and well placed ears.  Small, triangular eyes giving an excellent expression.  She has a wonderful length of neck leading into a short back, correct topline and shapely, well angulated hindquarters. Good front, although her front feet turn out a touch. She has neat, cat like feet. Her movement is parallel both ways and she moved out with drive and pace, covering the ground with long strides. She was put through to compete for the Charlie Girl Cup for Movement. Shown in great condition and handled to perfection, she is certainly a beauty to behold.

Runner-up:Champion Rabram Rolling Deep.  A very different type to the winner but another super example of the breed. Unbelievably, she had a litter just 8 weeks ago, so congratulations to the owner who was able to present her in such good condition.  Understandably she was carrying a little too much weight today but her extreme virtues more than compensate for this.  She is so typy with plenty of substance and great bone.  Powerful head, well filled with a good mouth. Deep, wide ribcage, short back and well angulated quarters.  I personally preferred the more feminine lines of the winner but there is no denying this bitch’s many positive virtues.

The other bitch to be put forward to compete in the Charlie Girl Cup for Movement was Champion Javarke River Romance.

Carolyn Lambert (Caliber)



A heartfelt thank you to the Bull Terrier Club for the invitation to judge the Ormandy Jug for Bitches at this prestigious event. I was pleased with the overall depth of quality offered in the bitches and offer my congratulations to all of the entrants on their invitation to compete.

It was a great pleasure to judge with Carolyn Lambert and we were in complete agreement on our selections. Our winner, Ch Bilboen Glowing Goddess is a stunning bitch. She presents a superb outline as she’s beautifully balanced and so shapely with deep well sprung ribs and a really lovely neck that flows seamlessly into her correct topline. Her back is short and she has a tail-set correct. Just the right length of leg and bone for her type. A classical head that is completely turned with good fill, depth and strong underjaw. Correct bite.  Keen dark well-set eye and neat ears.  Strong pasterns and good feet. She moved easily and with good reach albeit a touch close behind. She was indeed “glowing” and completely at one with her handler. Very well conditioned and beautifully presented. Congratulations to her breeder/owner/handler.

Our Runner up Ch. Rabram Rolling Deep, a favourite of mine, stood out and dominated with her sheer power, bags of bone, great substance and body shape. Her beautiful head has a great length of foreface, is well filled and has a sweeping profile and good depth.  Keen expression and neat ears. Bite is a couple of incisors just off. Her body is shapely with a wonderful fore chest that only comes with a well-laid shoulder and upper arm. Good cat feet with strong pasterns. She has tremendous rib spring, a short back and powerful well let down and defined quarters. She moved well going, a little loose in front. She never let up giving her owner/handler 100% the whole time.

Norma Smith (Magor) Canada



It was a great pleasure to judge the Sandawana Trophy with Jan Dykema and we had no trouble in coming to joint decisions. Thank you to the club for the invitation to be part of this unique event.

Having the males in the ring first, followed by the bitches, is a good move, making life easier for dogs, handlers, spectators and judges alike.

We had a classy selection of coloureds to go over; as ever one could have wished for more traditionally marked brindles.

From the males, Selbullie Dark Side of Blazinbullyswas our choice. He’s a beautifully typy black brindle, very much all of a piece and with masses of breed character. His head and expression are excellent with a super profile and roman finish, enough fill, the wickedest of eyes and ears bang on top. OK neck into the shortest of backs with a correct topline and tailset, bone in proportion, straight front legs, tight feet and some forechest. Plenty of substance for his size. Could

wish for a bit more turn of stifle but he stands four square. Moved true behind when he settled, though slightly wide in front. Jaunty side gait, could have a shade more reach and drive. I loved the overall picture, every inch a Bull Terrier.

Also in contention was Bilboen Final Conflict, good to see such a handsome brindle, a good all-round dog with plenty of bone and substance if not so ultra-compact as winner. Ch Vetsbullies Jesus of Bridenhas a super head and bone but his mind was on other things today. The sound athletic movement of the red Neverland Devils Own was a pleasure to see.

On to the bitches and these were more even with all of them in with a shout. For her sheer typiness our choice was the tricolour Emred Devils Nighthawk of Kirkville, ultra-feminine and with tremendous personality, beautifully turned head with super eyes and ears and again such a varminty expression, has the Emred trademark in combining an exceptionally short back with an eyecatching reach of neck, super shapely body, bone in proportion and a decent forechest. Again moves with style if not with the greatest length of stride.

We also considered La Perla Warbonnet, a striking, much bigger tri of a contrasting type with a handsome head and who scored on her super bone, reach and scope. Not so short in back as the winner and will I suspect take more time to reach her full potential. The petite red Serenbull Soul Angelis particularly good behind the collar with a super shape and correct angulation (well laid shoulders seem so rare nowadays) and consequently moved really well in all directions; she and Devils Own were our choices to go on to the movement trophy.

Now for the hard bit, choosing between Dark Side and Nighthawk for the overall win. Thought they complemented each other well, with similar virtues and similar balance, though unquestionably masculine and feminine respectively. For me the dog scored decisively on pasterns and feet, and at the crucial moment he moved truer behind. Two lovely examples of Bull Terrier type, and good to see them make their mark in the Regent Trophy competition later in the day.





After years of attending the trophy shows in the UK and observing from the sidelines, I was beyond thrilled to participate in this historical event from inside the ring. Thank you for the opportunity to judge the Sandawana Trophy. Judging with my co judge Simon Parsons, was a pleasure and our minds met in every instance so that no referee was necessary.

The classes were divided into dogs and bitches. This was very good procedure as it gave the animals and owners more space to show off the positives virtues of each dog/bitch. Congratulations to every exhibitor and

thank you for participating. Simon and I had some wonderful exhibits to examine.

In the end:

Winner from the dog selection:

# 16 Selbullie Darkside Of Blazinbullys (Ch Blazinbullys Dark Knight ex Selbullie Too Hot To Handle) Owners : Mr & Mrs. Mathison: Breeders : Mr. M Thompson & Miss T. Wood

A powerful black brindle that commanded the ring with his “look at me” attitude. Just enough spark to stand up on his toes and just enough great nature to show that bully character we all love to see. A super

combination! Viewed from the side he is ultra short backed with proper amount of rise over the loin and good tail set. Elbows well tucked in, leading to legs with adequate bone for his style of dog. Rear could do with a smidge more turn of stifle. Hocks well let down. Front view shows

straight front, cat toes and good width of chest. Oh my, that head! This dog shines with what is the archetypical signature of our breed. Fully

turned and filled with expression that is “varminty” and wicked, set off by front than rear but with the ease and jaunt that is typical for our breed. Kudos to his breeders and owners.

Winner from the bitch selection:

# 21 Emred Devils Nighthawk of Kirkville( Ch Emred Devils Advocate ex Emred Dear Prudence) Owners: M. Young & D. Lamonby; Breeders: R.& D. Lamonby

There was a veritable “embarrassment of riches” in this class as more than one bitch could catch your eye for very different reasons. The winner, Nighthawk, is an tri colour sweeps and curves package while retaining tons of type. No mistake, this is a feminine bitch that also exudes bully character.  Side view brings the shortest of backs with the depth of fore chest and reachy neck with excellent lay of shoulder leading to a smooth top line with nary a wrinkle. Correct tail set. Like the dog she could use a bit more turn of stifle. Profile is an unbroken arc from top of head to tip of nose with excellent length.  View from the front is equally impressive.  Well-filled head with tiny tight triangular eyes placed high on head. Small tidy ears, used well.  Perfect bite. Her chest is broad and deep with a straight front leading to feet that, if you were picky, could be a bit tighter but style and bully character brought her to the forefront today.  Moved with attitude and perkiness.  Well handled to perfection.

The final decision was a “flip a coin” moment with outstanding virtues of both dog and bitch being very similar. Type type and more type in each.  The dog tipped the scale by a pennyweight in the end moving a bit more true and a bit more up on his toes but on any other day it could be reversed and both are stellar examples of the breed.

Other animals in consideration:

Bilboen Final Conflict. A well marked brindle with lots to offer in the substance category

Ch Vetbullies Jesus of Briden.  Lovely dog that really wanted to be in with the bitches for reasons of his own and let his handler know it!

La Perla Warbonnet. Substantial tri color bitch that caught my fancy. Upstanding with super bone and a dynamite front with cat feet and a lovely head.

Charlie Girl Choices for Best Mover

Dog: Neverland Devils Own. Red dog, sound and true in every direction.

Bitch: Serenbull Soul Angel. Red and white well made bitch tracking smoothly around the ring is every direction

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Dykema (Bestuvall)


BTC Trophy Show Critiques 2017


February 25, 2018

Regent Trophy Critique

Judge Robert Thomas

I would like to thank the Committee of the Bull Terrier Club for once again giving me the great honor to judge the Trophy Show. In my mind, the Regent Trophy which is now over eighty years old, is the pinnacle of Bull Terrier awards. I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment, having the great pleasure of judging with my dear friend, Josephine Hylands; Jo and Terry have been my friends for over forty years. We were in complete accord in selecting the winner, the runner-up and the best of opposite sex.

The winner of this year’s Regent Trophy was the absolutely beautiful Tawnbarr Starlight, owned and bred by Frank Dyson. This is an exceptionally well-made bitch, possessing excellent bone, wonderful shoulder lay back and terrific hindquarters; she moves extremely well coming and going. Starlight has an excellent expression with the tiniest of eye, ears on top of her head and a clean, sweeping profile without being overly exaggerated. She has a beautiful neck, correct topline and exudes type. Her movement earned her an invitation to the Charlie Girl Cup. This is an outstanding bitch in any company. There was a quality of entries in the bitches, several whom could win any other year. Bitches worthy of note were Champion Briden Diamond, who won the earlier Ormandy Jug for Bitches, Bilboen Glowing Goddess, and Javarke River Romance.

Runner-up and Best of Opposite Sex to the Trophy was Champion Fortified with Beauty at Aricon, owned and bred by Eric Stanley. This is a very well-made dog with a long sweeping neck, really outstanding profile, good bone for his size and well angulated hindquarters. He is a very typey dog, just unfortunate to run into the winning bitch.

The winner of the Charlie Girl Cup for best movement in the Trophies was Champion Emred Devils Tristar, this is an outstanding mover in any company. This dog moves wide and true in the back and the front movement is outstanding. Overall the movement of this year’s Trophies was the best I’ve seen in England in years.

Robert Thomas


My thanks to the Bull Terrier Club for conferring on the me the honour of judging the Regent Trophy; it was a great privilege to do so. I was delighted to learn I was going to be judging with my dear friend, Bob Thomas, whom I have known for many years.

The competitors this year were of extremely high quality, especially the bitches. Bob and I were in complete agreement on both our winner and runner up. The winner of the Regent Trophy was Tawnbarr Starlight, expertly handled by Mr. Frank Dyson. She is bred and owned by Mr. F. & Mrs. E. & Mrs. J. Dyson.  She caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Starlight is a stunning, tall and upstanding white bitch. Her head is beautiful; it is completely filled and turned with a super profile, wicked eye and mouth is perfect. She has a good front with lovely shapely body lines and lovely quarters. She exudes quality and type; she moved very well both ways. It gave me great pleasure to award her the Regent Trophy.

The Runner up and Best of Opposite Sex was CH Fortified With Beauty at Aricon. Owned and expertly handled by Mr. Eric Stanley. He is a handsome, tall, upstanding, typy white dog, with a beautiful head, stunning expression, correct mouth and a beautiful front. He is very shapely with a lovely short back and good quarters. He moved well both ways.

The other animals in consideration were: Ukusa Dos Equis, Javarke River Romance, Bilboen Glowing Goddess and CH Briden Diamond.

Jo Hylands



I was called upon to referee the International Trophy between the white dog, Mr. Sineri’s Julien Di Casa Sineri and the coloured bitch, Helena Vom Teltschikturm at Megaville, owned by Mrs. M. Bachmann & Mr. & Mrs P. Blair. The bitch has a beautiful head with a lovely profile and a good mouth. She has nice, shapely body lines and good quarters and she moved well. The dog is a tall, upstanding boy who exudes quality and type, one of those dogs who owns the ring and says “look at me!” He has a beautiful head with a perfect mouth and a stunning eye. His neck is lovely and long with a very short and shapely body. He moved very well both ways. His overall showmanship and ring presence won thru on the day and I was pleased to award him the International Trophy.

Jo Hylands



The dogs put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup were: Tawnbarr Starlight, Javarke River Romance, Beebeemi Grandmaster Flash, Ukusa Dos Equis and CH Emred Devils Tri Star. Our winner of the Movement Trophy, the Charlie Girl Cup, was CH Emred Devils Tri Star. A superbly moving dog both coming and going and he effortlessly covered the ground. A very worthy winner of this important trophy.

Jo Hylands



It was an honour and privilege to be invited to judge this prestigious trophy. The dogs invited were all quality animals with a wealth of virtues. My co Judge  Mr. Colin Bohler and I were in complete agreement with our winners. Winner of the Ormandy Jug for Dogs was  Ch. Emred Devils Tri Star, impressive from nose to tail. Power packed head with fill and turn, good earset, tremendous bone and substance, short coupled, good turn to stifle, moved with drive lifting his hocks. We also put him through to the Charlie Girl cup for Movement which he went on to win. Our runner-up was Ch. Rabram Rockstar a quality male with a lovely turned and filled head, well placed ears which gave a good expression, well sprung ribs and correct tailset. Just came short on power and showmanship, at his best, as he is fully mature. Another that caught my attention was Ukusa Dosequis in super condition, I judged him last year and he has now matured into an impressive young male, just a tad short in muzzle for me but a nice overall dog who we put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup.

Chuck Wannop



It was a great pleasure and honor to be invited to judge the Premier Bull Terrier event of the year.

What made it extra special for me it was my 75th Judging Appointment.

I wish to take the opportunity to congratulate the chairman, the committee and all others involved in hosting the show. Well done.

It is a pity that there was not a full compliment of dogs in the Ormandy Jug Dogs.

The dogs were of the highest standard one could ask for and had the temperament to go with it.

It was a great pleasure judging with Chuck Wannop (Charisalee) we were in agreement with all our decisions.

Ormandy Jug Dogs.


There were seven entries.

The winning dog was Lamonby. CH. EMRED DEVILS TRI STAR.

As entering the ring he showed great presence, he is a short coupled dog. He has a tremendous strong head with keen expression. Small ears placed well on top of his head, mouth correct, a good front with strong bone. Correct lay back of shoulder, coupled to a level top line and correct tail set. Good spring of rib, good turn of stifle with strong second thigh.

He has good front movement and moved with purpose, a well presented dog.  Congratulations to the owner. He was hard pressed by our second choice dog.

Runner Up:


A big white dog with a black brindle eye patch. He had a well filled head with plenty of turn and a lovely expression.  A beautiful straight front, coupled with nice tight feet. A good lay back of shoulder, good spring of rib and level top line. Well turned stifles, front movement was correct and shown to perfection, and, once again, excellent temperament.

To the exhibitors and/or breeders, congratulations on all your dogs, which were of high quality and superb temperament. Without you, there would be no show. Well done.

Colin Bohler




I would like to thank the Bull Terrier Club Committee for entrusting me with the honour of judging this prestigious Trophy. My Co-Judge Chris Wright and I were in complete agreement and it was a great pleasure to judge with him.


Smalley’s Ch. Briden Diamond – Elegant white, who exudes quality, type and femininity. She has a sweeping well filled head with excellent profile and turndown. Ears were bang on top with the wickedest of expressions. Correct mouth. Her long flowing neck leads into well placed shoulders with a solid topline and good tailset. Straight front with good round bone and tight feet. Deep fore-chest and well sprung ribs. Strong quarters and well-turned stifles. She moved well both coming and going, although a tad closer behind than the two we put forward for movement. In tip top condition, handled and shown well.


Dyson’s Tawnbarr Starlight – Top quality white. Strong head with good profile, fill and deep muzzle. Correct mouth. Good ear placement and expression, tiny eye. Decent length of neck going into well placed shoulders. Straight front, heavy bone and neat feet. Short back, good topline, strong quarters and well angulated. Full of substance and well balanced all through, she is in her prime, but does not need any more weight on. Never stopped showing, she moved true with power in her stride and we put her forward for the Charlie Girl Cup for movement.

Also pulled out for the final cut of three was Johnson’s Javarke River Romance. Very typy Bl/br/w. Well filled head with gentle profile. Correct mouth. Straight front, good topline and extremely well balanced all through with strong quarters. An excellent mover, she moved parallel as she stroud out and covered the ground. Also put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup.

Others in consideration were Bilboen Glowing Goddess and Javarke At Olliebrad, although there was a really nice quality line up and we were spoilt for choice.

Judge Linda McGregor


Thank you for the invitation to Judge the Jugs, a massive honour.

A pleasure to Judge with Linda and a big thank you to the Committee for a well run show. Last but not least the excellent exhibits.


CH. Briden Diamond

Beautiful white with head markings, very feminine. Totally filled head, wicked eye giving a very good expression. Correct mouth, straight front. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders, short back, correct tail set on good quarters. Moved OK. In excellent condition.


Tawnbarr Starlight

White, different type ro Diamond, heavyweight, fully packed head with correct mouth, good expression, nice round bone, powerful neck, straight front, short back, well sprung ribs, powerful rear end that showed in her excellent movement.


Sent forward Javarke River Romance and Tawnbarr Starlight



I was surprised and delighted to receive my invitation to judge the above Trophy, having last judged at the Trophy Show about four years ago, particularly as David Harrison – the donor – was a particular friend, we used to lunch once a week, while we lived in Gauteng, it is too sad that he should have died last year, his ambition to judge Crufts was about to be accomplished -he should have judged this March. I was lucky with the weather, my flying visit got me in and out of England before the snow arrived. I t was lovely seeing springtime England, all the patches of crocus and daffodils, around Kenilworth and Coventry, my thanks to Bill Lambert , who so kindly transported me from the airport.

My thanks to our efficient Secretary Elaine Ball, who organized my room, which I had wanted to share with friends, it all worked beautifully. I thought the Show days went smoothly, but we the public never saw the quick scurrying that no doubt went on in the background, well done the Committee.

Now to the dogs, our reason for being there, overall they gave a lovely impression, when one studied them more closely, I was impressed with heads, you have lovely arcs with breadth and finish. I was not so happy with mouths, I felt I was in America!!!!! And as for feet, there were too many with open and flat toes and has the Kennel Club come down too hard on the use of chalk????Some cornflour in a bag would have worked wonders also white legs could have done with a wash !! Sorry to be so picky but presentation does help the overall picture.

Jo Phillips and I had fourteen animals to go over and unhappily we did not agree, so Ger Cox had a busy morning. In bitches I very much liked Ragnarok Back in Black from Polanca, I loved her very feminine head, such a lovely profile, with fill under the eyes and downface and a correct bite. She has a lovely neck, set on good shoulders, a good front. A good topline, perhaps a little long in back, but I tend to forgive that in bitches – more puppy space – Her movement was straight and driving, perhaps not quite so definite as her opposition. The opposition was Javarke River Romance, a black brindle, another well made animal with a lovely bitch profile, she showed beautifully and moved with drive and was so well handled, I could’nt be too disappointed at her winning. When it came to the winner I chose a beautiful Tri colour dog Dikram Midnight Dream, who has a beautiful masculine profile, with a correct bite. Well laid shoulder leading to a lovely short back with a good topline, excellent hindquarters with good second thighs. He moved out well, he was beaten by the bitch for the Trophy, perhaps his eyes were a little too kind. Anyway thankyou everyone for your sporting enthusiasism

Carol Larkin – Thursday 1st March.

Sandawana Trophy 2017

It was an honour to be invited by the Bull Terrier Club committee to judge The Sandawana Trophy and a pleasure to judge with my co judge Mrs Carol Larkin.

Because of numbers we opted to judge the dogs separately from the bitches to give all competitors more room to show themselves off & make the most of themselves.

We were in agreement with our Dog winner Dikram Midnight Dream. A very chunky cobby tri dog. Lovely head, excellent turn and powerpacked with strong underjaw. His mouth is off level. Shapely body with short back and well-constructed quarters. Moved better in front, closer behind but covered the ground. Can stand with feet slightly turned out when relaxed. Showed well for his handler and made the most of himself.

In the bitches my co judge and I agreed to disagree & opted to call for the referee. My choice for the Bitch Winner was Javarke River Romance. Super brindle & white show girl. Lovely turned head, completely filled without exaggeration. Mouth level. Super construction throughout. Cobby & compact body. Superb mover, one of the best bitch movers I have ever seen. Moved like a train, parallel and with drive. Expertly handled & presented in sparkling condition, white bits were white and coloured bits were shiny. My co judge preferred Ragnarok Back in Black from Polanca. An upstanding black brindle & white bitch with a lovely head and beautiful reach of neck with a good mouth. She was also expertly handled. River Romance for me was shorter backed, better pasterns and had superior movement.I would like to mention another bitch who caught my eye, Diton Desiree By Ukusa, a real beauty, red & white show girl, lovely construction with a beautiful head but unfortunately her mouth was undershot.

The referee Mr Gerard Cox agreed with me and chose Javarke River Romance for the Winner of Best Bitch in The Sandawana Trophy.

Dikram Midnight Dream then returned to the ring to compete for the Sandawana Trophy against Javarke River Romance. Again we agreed to disagree and opted to call for the referee. My choice for The Sandawana Trophy Winner was the bitch Javarke River Romance, my co judge preferred the dog Dikram Midnight Dream. I preferred the bitch because of her outstanding movement, mouth and she stood better in front.

The referee Mr Gerard Cox agreed with me and chose Javarke River Romance for the Winner of The Sandawana Trophy & Dikram Midnight Dream as the Best Opposite Sex.

The 2 animals we put through to the Charlie Girl Cup were Javarke River Romance and a red & white dog Beebeemi Grandmaster Flash

Joanna Phillips


Bull Terrier International Trophy 2017

Thank you to the Bull Terrier Club & my co-judge Liz Brailsford. Congratulations to all exhibitors. It is an honour to judge at this event.

Both maless & females were of excellent quality & type. The best male stood out immediately. His ring presence and showmanship caught my eye & attention immediately.

Julien Di Casa Sineri -Italy. A white male with great ring presence, excellent outline, correct head, good turn & well filled. Super eye & expression. Correct front, good lay of shoulder, correct top line, well angulated back end. Moves with great drive both ways. The best female stood out amongst the other females. Helena Vom Teltschikturm At Megaville -Germany. Her ring presence drew your immediate attention. Examining her didn’t disappoint. Super head, excellent length, turn & filled completely to the end. Excellent eye & expression. Correct front, good lay of shoulder, excellent forechest. Correct topline with good back angulation. Moved freely & with good drive both ways. Both winners were so close on virtues, I strongly felt it would be fairest to call on the referee.

The International Trophy went to Julien Di Casa Sineri – Italy. Many thanks to Mrs Jo Hyland referee.

I was called as referee between 2 females in the Sandawana Trophy. Javarke River Romance, black brindle & white. Correct type , excellent head shape , good length turn & well filled. Excellent eye & expression. Good front, topline & very good angulation. Moved freely with excellent drive. Ragnarok Back In Black From Polanca, black brindle & white. Correct type, excellent headshapre, good length turn & fill. Good front, topline & back angulation. Moves well. I awarded Jarvarke River Romance best female.

I had just settled back into my seat when I was called on again as referee. This time for the Sandawana Trophy winner. The male put forward by the judges was Dikram Midnight Dream, tri-colour male, true to type, excellent head well filled & excellent expression. Good front, shoulder , topline & ok backend. Moves well in front, but lacks drive behind.

Javarke River Romance won out on movement. Congratulations to both.

Gerard Cox – Coxgal.


Firstly my thanks to the Bull Terrier Club for this invitation to judge 2017 International Trophy. I have followed this Trophy with keen interest from it’s inception, when there were only 3 competitors, so was very pleased indeed to be able to judge it.

Secondly my sincere thanks to the exhibitors who go to such extraordinary lengths to show in the UK. This year there were 8 dogs, and 12 bitches entered, from Italy, Poland, Spain. Hungary, Holland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Czech Republic. Only one absentee in the dog section. Super temperaments all round.

Because the entry was so good, Ger Cox and I had the dogs in first to go over and select our Best Dog. Our Winner which we were in complete accord about was M. Sineri’s JULIAN DI CASA SINERI (White Kamaaikaze x Augustian Di Casa Sineri) From Italy.  At 15 months old this lovely, big white dog is so well made he cannot stand wrong.  His youth means he probably has yet more to come. He has such ring presence and was in complete tune with his owner/handler/breeder. He has an excellent head, the smallest dark eye, lovely correctly set ears. Lovely length of neck leading to a perfectly proportioned body all the way to the set of his correctly tapered tail. Lovely quarters which he used to good effect when driving up the mat. Very fit with well bent stifle, and second thigh. Excellent cat feet. Shown in immaculate condition.

There was a very well made fawn red who I liked very much standing at the top of the line.  As judges do not get catalogues until the end I don’t have the number sadly.

The twelve bitches were not quite such a walk over. We quickly decided on three that we would like to pull out and stand together. Helena Vom Teltscikturm, Bullistorgame Cindy,

Ch.Trick or Treat My Highland Lassie a very smart solid tri (she was standing at the top of the line but again I do not have her number). After assessing them again, and moving them we agreed Best Bitch was Blairs’ Helena Vom Teltschikturm at Megaville (Imp Deu), a very smart, 16 month old black brindle with white blaze, and socks. Quite a different proposition to the dog, being small and compact, but with everything in proportion. She is very feminine from her very well filled head, lovely eye, correct ear set. Enough neck. She has a straight front with enough bone for her size. Moved well fore and aft holding her top line. Another well set on tail and lovely tidy feet. Gleaming condition, and working in complete accord with her handler.

In the Challenge for the winner (The Bronze Bull Terrier Head) my co-judge and I agreed to differ, I wanted the dog for his joy de vive as well as his many attributes, Ger wanted the bitch. We called in the referee Jo Hylands, who found for Julian Di Casa Sineri, and the bitch took the Terjos Trophy for BOS.

Liz Brailsford


BTC Trophy Show Critiques 2016

Regent Trophy

I must say a huge thank you to The Bull Terrier Club Committee for the honour of judging such a prestigious Trophy. The history behind the Regent Trophy and the catalogue of past winners only adds to the thrill of being able to stand in the ring.

Also, a huge thank you to my co judge Mrs Norma Smith, she is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable people in our breed and a really lovely lady. It was an honour and a privilege to share a ring with her and I will treasure the experience forever.

On to the winners, our choice for the Regent Trophy was Ch. Emred Devils Tri Star, a powerful white dog with head markings that takes your eye immediately.

He is a dog that excels in type. His strong well-filled head has depth and width; he has a great deal of turn and finish. His eyes, which are small and triangular, coupled with his small well-placed ears give him bags of expression.

His neck is a little untidy where it meets the withers but he has a well laid shoulder into a straight front, huge amount of bone, excellent spring of rib and the shortest of backs, his rear angulation is very good and he moves with drive, reaching out in front and driving from the rear (we were pleased to send him through for the Charlie Girl Cup for movement).

He is a powerful, full of type and has presence. Congratulations.

Our Regent Trophy Runner Up spot went to Ch. Bluepoint Spitfire, a beautiful red and white dog who is very well marked and catches your eye the moment he enters the ring.

He has a strong well-filled and turned head without exaggeration, his eye is small and his ears are well placed. His mouth is correct. He has a lovely reach of neck into a well laid shoulder, straight front and level top line which tends to remain level right to the croup, I would have preferred a slight roach. He is well angulated in the rear quarters and is the very best of movers, parallel and reaches out in front driven by the drive from behind, (we sent him through to the Charlie Girl Cup for movement, knowing that it would take an exceedingly good mover to beat him) he of course went on to win the movement trophy. Congratulations.

He had endured a long day having been invited to all three Trophies and I think by the time the Regent came around he was starting to tire. However, he fills your eye and is a beautiful dog.

Our Best Opposite Sex was Rabram Rolling Deep, a white girl with coloured ears, strong head without being overdone, correct eye and ear placement give expression, straight front into tight feet. Shoulder is well-placed, level top line, she has well angulated quarters and moves with drive although moves a little close in front. Congratulations.

JUDGE: Eddie Ball (Firecommand)


It’s a great privilege to be invited to judge the prestigious Regent Trophy show and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Committee for the invitation. I thoroughly enjoyed the shared ring time with my co-judge Eddie Ball and pleased we were in full agreement in all our decisions. Our winner Ch Emred Devils Tri Star dominated with his extraordinary type, tremendous bone, ultra short back and impressive head with great turn and fill, plus width and power right down to his broad deep muzzle. A dark piercing eye and correct neat well set ears offer a first rate expression. His shapely body has exceptional depth with good spring of rib, visible forechest and lovely round bone right through to his feet. Good upper arm with elbows tucked in nice and tight. Pasterns are strong and upright. When he pulled it together and settled to the task he moved quite well on the down and back as well as driving and reaching from the side. Presented in good hard condition. A super dog and it was a great pleasure to go over him.

For Runner Up to the Regent Trophy we chose the attractive red and white Ch Bluepoint Spitfire. This boy has an impeccable front viewed from all angles. Lovely neck, well layed back shoulder and upper arm with a clean straight foreleg and nice tight feet. His head has good length fill and turn, just lacking a little in width and depth of muzzle compared to the winner. Keen well set eye and ears right on top.  Good bone with Impressive depth and spring of rib as well as muscular well developed hindquarters. A little flat in topline, lacking the desired slight roach over the loin. Presented in lovely condition with coat gleaming. Was easily the best mover tracking parallel both ways with good reach viewed from the side. Winner of the Charlie Girl Cup for movement with some to spare.

Best of Opposite sex, white with brindle ear marking, Rabram Rolling Deep stood well apart from the rest for me. This girl possesses a gorgeous body with make, shape and exceptional depth and spring of rib.  Good bone throughout.  All her pieces flow one into the other seamlessly from her lovely neck set into her well layed back shoulder and upper arm and wonderful forechest. Classical head that is long, has great width and depth topped off with a lovely profile. Very good expression with a dark keen eye. A sturdy girl with powerful well let down hindquarters.  She made good use of them moving parallel and with good drive behind. A little closer on the move in front. Absolutely my cup of tea and has brood bitch written all over her. Beautifully presented and such a delight to see her so in tune with her handler throughout.

It would be remiss not to appreciate two other dogs that caught my attention. Rabram Rock Star with his stunning outline, balance and lovely head. Megaville’s Reckless, a stallion of a dog with his punishing expression and immense power and bone. A great disappointment when he refused to cooperate on the move.

JUDGE: Norma Smith (Magor)


Ormandy Jug for Dogs

I would like to thank The Bull Terrier Club for inviting me to Judge this prestigious trophy, it was an honour to Judge with my Co-Judge Danny McGregor and we were both in total agreement, I would also like to congratulate The Bull Terrier Club Committee for all their hard work they put in to make it an enjoyable weekend.

Winner: Roberts Ch. Teirwgwyn Top Gun, well marked Tri colour, with lots of quality. Really strong head sweeping profile, lots of fill and good width of muzzle, correct mouth, well placed ears and wicked eye. Lovely straight front, just the right amount of bon with lovely tight feet, short back with good top line, good strong quarters which he used with drive when he moved. So Danny and I agreed to send him forward for the “Charlie Girl Cup”. It was an honour to award this dog the winner of The Ormandy Jug, who was handled and presented well by Mr Hans Koning.

Runner Up: Heath & Morris Ch Blupoint Spitfire Beautiful red and white dog with excellent bone and substance, nice head, filled and turned, ears bang on top, correct mouth, lovely reach of neck, good fore chest, lovely straight frnt with good feet. Well sorung rib, good top line, nice strong quarters which showed when he moved, covering the ground with ease and was in total agreement in sending him through for the “Charlie Girl Cup”, handled and presented well. It was a pleasure to award him “Runner Up”.

JUDGE: John Young (Bullyview)

It was a pleasure to judge this prestigious trophy with my co-judge John Young and we were in complete agreement with our decisions. I would thank the committee for inviting me.

Winner: Roberts’ Ch. Teirwgwyn Top Gun (Handled by Hans Konings) – Tremendous tri who I have judged before and he didn’t disappoint this time. Super head with great profile, fill and depth of muzzle. Excellent expression and ear placement. Correct mouth. Straight front with heavy bone and tucked in elbows.   Good length of neck, deep chest with well sprung ribs, shapely body and good topline. Very well balanced all through with good angulation and strong quarters. He moved true front and rear and with drive. We put forward him to compete in the Charlie Girl Cup.

Runner up: Heath & Morris’ Ch Bluepoint Spitfire – Classy r/w, completely filled head with good profile. Correct mouth and eye placement. Straight front, good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders, correct topline. He is of excellent proportions all through and shown in tip top condition with a lovely tight coat. His outstanding virtue is his movement, moving with drive both front and rear, striding out without effort. We put him forward for the Charlie Girl Cup which I was pleased to see he went onto win. His handler got the most out of him and he never stopped showing.

Also in contention was Lamonby’s Ch. Emred Devils Tri Star – White with tri eye patch, he is a powerhouse of a dog with an exceptional head of width, depth, profile and fill. Good mouth. Heavy bone and substance, short back, strong quarters and well turned stifles. Moved well once he settled. Unfortunately he was just not on his toes and made hard work for his experienced handler. I was pleased to see, later in the day, he perked up and showed well and went on to win the Regent Trophy.

Another one who caught my eye was Leggatt’s Rabram Rock Star. A Top quality white with a strong well filled head with good turn and depth of muzzle. Excellent expression, good mouth, shapely body, short backed and strong quarters.

JUDGE: Danny McGregor (Merlindan)


Ormandy Jug for Bitches

Thank you to the BTC for the opportunity to judge the Ormandy jug for bitches. Eight judged and all had obvious virtues. Having gone over all present my Ormandy jug winner was Dikram Devil May Dare, a well marked feminine b/b with correct conformation helped by her short back and so giving her complete balance. Long filled head with gentle profile and correct mouth and eye and ears giving keen expression. Moved with drive when she got settled. For me it was her balance that won her the day.

My Runner Up was Rabram Rolling Deep. A high quality substantial white. Well made throughout with strong head, good ear and eye and correct mouth. Moved with drive and purpose. A touch more length of foreleg would give complete balance. It was a real pleasure to be able to judge two outstanding animals.

It was pleasure to judge alongside Dominic Clarke and also we were in complete agreement in our decisions.

JUDGE: Steve Walker (Astasia)


It was a pleasure to co-judge the Ormandy Jugs for Bitches with Steve Walker, with us both in complete agreement on all counts from a quality line-up, for which I thank all exhibitors.

Despite something of a patchy and rather noisy performance, my eye was drawn to Joyce’s DIKRAM DEVIL MAY CARE from the outset.  Bb+w with undeniable quality, type and balance: a lovely feminine head, which wants for nothing, having arc, width, fill, depth and finish.  Good ear carriage, with a dark and correctly shaped eye serving up an excellent expression and correct mouth.  Although her interest in what was going on around her called for a little more effort by her overworked handler, when she settled she looked a picture: well balanced with a long neck into well placed shoulders, straight front, lovely short back and correct topline into shapely quarters.  When she got into her stride she moved well both ways – just needing greater drive to complete the package.

Runner-up was Leggatt’s RABRAM ROLLING DEEP.  A beautiful white with gorgeous feminine head, having the full set of points with arc, width, depth, fill, correct mouth and punishing expression.  Good reach of neck into well-set shoulder and forechest.  Good bone and substance; her front legs are straight, just has a tendency to toe-out when relaxed.  Good depth of brisket, correct topline into well angulated quarters, moving with drive behind.  She and her handler put in a good performance throughout, making the selection process that much easier.

JUDGE: Dominic Clark (Grandopera)


Sandawana Trophy

It was an absolute honour to be asked to judge at the Bull Terrier Club Trophies. What a difference to be on the other side of the ‘table’ after more than 10 years of competing in them.

My co judge for the Sandawana Trophy was Dai Hall, a good friend for many years. It was a pleasure to judge alongside him.

We were in agreement of our winners. The winner was Morris and Heaths, Ch Bluepoint Spitfire. A typey well marked red and white male. His condition is an absolute credit to his owner/breeders. He has a good profile and perfect mouth. Lovely reach of neck and excellent shoulder placement. Strong fore chest and perfect front with good feet and bone. Lovely top line that he holds so well on the move. Excellent depth of chest . His quarters are muscular and strong with Well developed 2nd thigh. This dog is so balanced. His movement is one of the best I have seen, and I have won the Charlie Girl Cup 3 times myself. He moves with drive and is completely parallel. To be picky I would prefer slightly more width of muzzle and an inch shorter in back, but I’m knitpicking.

His win was a very close decision and much discussion with my co judge over Roberts Ch Teirwgwyn Top Gun. Completely different type tricolour male. Huge power packed head with stunning profile and perfect mouth. Short backed with good bone, straight front. His movement is close in the rear and he didn’t appear to enjoy his time in the ring. Although he did liven up in the next trophy, maybe he was getting to know his new handler? The decider was down to condition. I felt Top Gun was lacking in muscle tone and condition on his rear end and this unfortunately let him down. If there was a Reserve it would have been Top Guns.

Our best opposite sex was Joyce’s Dikram Devil May Dare, a black brindle and white bitch. She was a handful in this trophy and it came down to her handler, who fortunately altered his handling technique in the next trophy, which I pleased to see she won. Balanced and super typey Bitch with power packed head being completely arced and filled with perfect mouth. Lovely expression, gun barrel front good bone. Short backed with lovely top line. In excellent condition, carrying just the right amount of weight. Lovely shapely quarters. If her handler can work with her I’m sure this bitch will easily achieve her crown.

The 2 animals put forward for movement were Ch Bluepoint Spitfire who went on to win the Charlie Girl Cup for movement and the Bitch Ukusa Jezebel to Neverland.

Another dog that took my eye was Dikram Midnight Dream. Stunning head with a slight mouth fault. Balanced body with short back and huge bone. A true male.

One competitor was in very poor condition which at this level of competition was surprising. 99% of the exhibitors showed true sportsmanship and I would like to thank them for this.

JUDGE: Sarah Foster (Bilboen)

I would like to thank the Bull terrier club committee for the invitation to judge the Sandawana Trophy . It was a great privilege to carry out this appointment and a pleasure to do so with my co judge Sarah Foster and after some discussions we were in agreement over our decisions .

I felt this year the dogs were of higher quality than the bitches and some animals could have been in better condition. We soon found our two animals for the Charlie Girl Cup in Ch Bluepoint Spitfire and Ukusa Jezebel to Neverland and our Best Opposite Sex in Dikram Devil May Care a very excitable compact black brindle with a beautiful head that has an excellent profile and is very well filled with a good mouth , tiny eye good ear placement and great expression . A short back good topline powerful quarters and good tailset completed the picture when she did eventually stand . She moved with drive in brief spurts between jumping and pulling . We were very pleased to award her the Best Opposite Sex .

The dogs were a different proposition with three leading candid dates . Dikram Midnight dream an upstanding tricolour with a long powerful head that has an excellent profile and good fill . His neck is long and powerful ,front is straight with lovely round bone . Body is deep with a good topline , quarters are powerful and he moved with drive if a little close . In the final discussions his slight mouth fault counted against him .

So it came to a final choice between Ch Bluepoint Spitfire a substantial red and white with a long deep head that has a sweeping profile and enough fill ,good mouth eye and expression . Body is deep with good spring of rib ,quarters are powerful with good bend of stifle and he uses them to move with great drive . Pleased to see him win the Charlie girl cup . The second dog in contention was Ch Teirwgwyn Top Gun a smaller compact tricolour . His head was excellent with great profile and fill . His mouth is correct . Front is straight with enough bone ,topline is correct and he has a good bend of stifle His movement is a little hackneyed in front and a shade close behind .

After a detailed discussion on the virtues of two beautiful dogs the better movement and condition of Ch Blue point Spitfire carried the day and we were both pleased to award him The Sandawana Trophy 2016 .

JUDGE: D. Hall

International Trophy

Since quarantine went I have always been an advocate for allowing dogs bred outside the UK and Ireland to participate in the trophies so I was very grateful for the chance to be one of the judges in the International Trophy this year – thank you.

A new format was used this time in that one of the judges assessed the males and the other one the bitches. I was fortunate to draw the bitches and had a super line-up from which I felt four were in strong contention: two beautiful elegant white, Ch Annelies vom Welpersberg from Germany and Ekanga Call It Magic from the Netherlands, and two handsome superbly boned reds, New Future Baradiel from Poland and Komerito Jlo representing Greece.

From these my choice fell on Annelies for her clean feminine lines flowing from top of nose to tip of tail. She has a super head with smooth unbroken profile, excellent eyes & ears, reachy neck and an exceptionally well laid shoulder with corresponding upper arm and a super straight front with neat feet, something you so seldom see. Plenty of substance, sound hindquarters and well presented. She moved true and when she wasn’t looking up at her handler had a free side gait retaining her shape. To be critical she’s a shade long cast but holds herself together well.

Geoff Skelton’s choice from the males was White Kamikaze from Italy and I thought the dog and bitch complemented each other well, he all male and full of vim and she with her ultra-feminine charm.

He has super bone, a wicked expression and moves absolutely true. He’s more compactly made than the bitch; I thought she scored on profile, pasterns and coat. After a short discussion we found that we would each have selected our own choice so we opted to give referee Bill Lambert the final decision. He opted for the very typy male.

This competition has certainly added a great deal of interest and excitement to the unique trophy weekend and one day I would love to see Bull Terriers from all parts of the world compete on equal terms for some sort of supreme award.

JUDGE: Simon Parsons (Deavitte)

I would like to thank the BTC for the invite to judge the International Trophy, as all ways I regard this as an absolute honour.

It was the first time that I have judged with Mr Simon Parson my co judge and a slightly different format, him being chosen to judge bitches an myself the dogs.

My dog winner from the dogs was

M Sineri’s   White Kamikaze

A white dog with great ring presence his head well filled with good turn, lovely triangular eye with good ear set. Mouth correct, his front could be better but I feel he carries it well. Good depth through the chest shortest of backs and a well-angled rear gave me a really eye pleasing picture, he moved with drive, he was shown to present his virtues off.

The bitch winnwer was

Mr & Mrs Seydewitz CH Annelies Vom Welpersberg

Her head was welled filled with power and depth, good eye an expression. Her front was straight with good shoulders and feet.

Good depth through the chest, but thought a little long cast. Good bend of stifle just lacked any drive when she moved.

Both winners I felt with faults but just preferred the dogs all round type and ring presence.

My co Judge and I did not agree on our winner he preferring the bitch myself the dog so it was left to our referee Mr Bill Lambert to choose our winner the dog coming out victorious.

JUDGE: Geoff Skelton (Yashman)


I was called in to referee between the dog and the bitch for this award. Judging dogs against bitches is never easy as whilst you are applying the same standard, you are looking for slightly different interpretations. The two animals put forward were;

Ch. Annelies Vom Welpersberg. Representing Germany this is a bitch I have admired from the ringside for a long time having seen her a number of occasions in different countries, so I was delighted to finally have the opportunity to go over her myself. She is a beautifully feminine bitch, of the highest quality, with a lovely well filled head and an unbroken smooth unbroken profile. Her front is ramrod straight, with well tucked in elbows and small tight feet. She has a good neck leading into a correct topline. Her body is compact well rounded; she was in beautiful condition, with a gleaming white coat. Her quarters are well muscled and angulated and she moved in one piece. A top quality bitch oozing femininity.

White Kamikaze

From Italy, this is a young stallion of a dog who impressed me the moment he walked into the ring. He has a well filled masculine head, with a scissor bite, and a paralysing expression, and is a dog that oozes breed type. He has a good front with very strong round bone, and well tucked in elbows. His neck is exceptional, long strong and muscular, exactly what is called for, his back is short and he has excellent well angulated quarters. From the side his movement is textbook, with drive and power and is truly a joy to behold. At just 18 months old, he is already exceptional and I can only see him getting better.

As is so often at this level I was left to nit-pick and I had to decide if I preferred to smoother profile and overall quality of the bitch or the truer movement, tighter underline and exceptional movement of the dog. Eventually I went for the dog, but an extremely close decision that could easily be reversed on another day. Congratulations to owner’s breeders and handlers concerned for presenting two fine animals

JUDGE: Bill Lambert (Caliber)

BTC Trophy Show Critiques 2015

I consider this an absolute honour and privilege and the pinnacle of my judging career to be invited to judge the Regent Trophy at this year’s Bull Terrier Club Trophy show weekend and I would like to thank the committee for this opportunity given to me. However, my initial joy and excitement was quickly dampened when I recalled Eva Weatherhill’s words to someone equally as thrilled as myself, who had excitedly called her to tell her their fantastic news at being invited to judge, Eva quipped “ poor you… you mustn’t of bred anything worthy of an invite! “ How true … so firstly I would like to congratulate the breeders of all the competitors in all 4 of the major trophies, as this is where the true sense of achievement belongs.
This year’s Regent Trophy had 6 dogs and 4 bitches competing, all were well presented and well handled. I am pleased to say that my co judge, Elaine Clark and I were in complete agreement on our final winners. The winner was Teirwgwyn Top Gun a well balanced tri, he has a power packed head, deep muzzle with tiny eye and well placed ears giving a chilling expression, correct mouth and strong underjaw, to be ultra-critical he could use a touch more length in foreface. Strong, arched neck into clean lay of shoulder, good forechest, straight front with tidy feet. Nice round bone, good spring of rib with deep chest, short back, well set tail, good strong rear quarters. He moved with purpose and drive, he is so screaming type and quality that he could not be denied today.
Deciding Runner up and BOS was not so straight forward, it came down to 2 bitches, Javarke Scarlet Moon over Busell, a very well put together red, she has a very feminine head with enough profile, I would like a keener eye, correct mouth, good shoulders and forechest, straight front with good bone, good topline and tailset, well angulated quarters, moving parallel with drive and purpose and holding her topline, her movement is very impressive which went on to win her the Charlie Girl Cup. However, after splitting hairs we decided upon the well balanced Bluepoint Kittihawk to take the Runner up and BOS position, she has a very strong, packed, yet still feminine head, very keen expression with correct mouth. Long, graceful neck into good shoulders and front, well sprung rib, short coupled, well set tail, shapely rear quarters, she moves well, but she does not quite have the drive of Scarlett Moon, nevertheless we decided that Kittihawk just pipped her to the post on head quality, expression and overall type.
R. Lamonby (Emred)
It’s a great honour to be invited to judge what is arguably the Bull Terrier Club’s most coveted trophy. I very much enjoyed judging with Russell Lamonby who, on the two previous occasions I’ve judged, has been on the receiving end of the Trophy – as such, perhaps it wasn’t a surprise that we were in agreement on our winning dogs. The privilege was a tad bittersweet this year however, stepping in as I was for Terry Hylands who is under the weather. I wish him a speedy recovery.
The selectors had sent us six dogs and four bitches to go over. All were well presented, mouths and movement were good and, whilst Russell and I debated a number of the ‘finer points’, we were both very happy with our final decisions.
The overall winner was Teirwgwyn Top Gun: a compact, cobby and well-balanced tri with excellent strong round bone. He’s not the most flatteringly marked dog so you really need to handle his head to fully appreciate it’s strength; well arced, broad, strong and deep with more fill than you can shake a stick at, topped off with a punishing expression and perfect mouth. Strong arched neck into well laid shoulders, short back and correct tail set. To be picky, I would have preferred greater fore-chest, but you can’t have everything. Strong, well angulated quarters which he used on the move, covering the ground easily and with plenty of drive. He was presented in good, hard, fit condition, making the best of himself throughout.
Runner up and BOS was Bluepoint Kittihawk: a classy white package who, like the dog, is very well balanced. She is as feminine as he is masculine. Well-presented and handled, she’s a super little show girl and made the very best of herself from start to finish; beautiful head, being deep, wide and well filled with a lovely sweeping arc, lovely eye and correct expression, perfect mouth. Long, elegant neck, straight front, good spring of rib and strong, well-angulated quarters, which she used to cover the ground. To be picky, I’d prefer a better lay of shoulder but, when judging, I favour putting them up for virtue and for me; she simply oozed ‘type’.
Mention must also be made of a couple of others who particularly caught my eye; Javarke Scarlet Moon over Busell, a beautifully marked, heavier weight red & white bitch with good round bone. Very well presented and handled, she was excellent on the move, going on to take the Charlie Girl Cup for movement. Lastly, Brookbully Avenger, a handsome, typy white dog, well balanced with a strong masculine head and punishing expression, excellent on the move both ways but just refusing to make the best of himself in his final competition of the day.
Elaine Clark (Fourheatons Grandopera)
It was an honour to be asked to judge the prestigious Bull Terrier Club’s Ormandy Jug for Dogs and a great pleasure to have Bob Thomas (USA) as my co-judge.
After going over and moving the competitors there was one dog that stood out immediately and that was our winner Blair’s Ch. Meilow Silhouette from Megaville, a very masculine white dog with a small eye patch who was full of power and substance. He has a strong well-filled head with good eye and ear placement. Correct mouth. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Straight front, nice cat-like feet and heavy bone. Deep fore-chest with a well-rounded brisket, beautifully balanced all through with a strong back end, good angulation and correct tail-set. He moved very well both ways with his top-line being unbroken on the move and was the best mover of the group. We put him through for the Charlie Girl Cup Movement Competition. To find our Runner Up took a little more discussion and I was very pleased with our choice of Mathison’s bl/br/w Ch. Blazinbullys Dark Knight. Smaller in type to the winner but still oozing quality. Long completely filled head with good profile, very good eye placement and neat ears. Correct bite. Straight front, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Deep chest, straight front and correct top line, which he held on the move. Well-bent stifles with strong hindquarters. A very well made dog of good proportions, with flowing bodylines. He moved well and handler got the most out of him.
Another one I Iiked was the eye catching tri dog Roberts’ Teirwgwyn Top Gun. A very typy chap with an outstanding profile but I still think he needs a little more time to mature and develop a touch more width of chest.
Although there were other quality contenders, for me our winner and runner up stood out overall for their balance and conformation.
Linda McGregor (Merlindan)
It was with great pleasure that I was asked to Judge this year’s Dog Jug with
Mrs. Linda McGregor. I would like to thank the Committee for the invitation to Judge this event and all the warm hospitality. It was a bit of irony to me that this year’s cover was dedicated to Arthur and Joyce Miller (Brobar). The irony being that on the inside cover was a photo of Ch. Jill of Brobar, who won the Ormandy Jug for bitches and the Regent Trophy in 1978. George Jarrett and I awarded the Bitch Jug to her that year, in what was my first Trophy Show assignment 38 years ago.
Mrs. McGregor and I were in perfect agreement on our winners.
This is a powerful large white dog with brindle monocles on both eyes. Tremendous bone and substance, dead straight front, excellent hindquarters. His movement was fantastic both ways. We easily picked him to go forward for the Charlie Girl cup for movement. This young chap only 18 months old, has a strong well filled head with an excellent expression, to be hypercritical, he could have a slightly better turned head, but his other virtues easily carried the day for him.
Black brindle and white, who won the earlier Sandawana Trophy for best colored shown in 2015. He was a totally different type from the winner, not as much bone or substance, but he had a nice front and forehand. Good quarters but his movement was somewhat erratic. Had a nice outline. Not as much fill as the winner.
Two other dog’s caught my attention they were the white, Brookbully Avenger a very, typy dog, with a good head and expression. His owner needs to invest the time to take him to handling classes, as he just needs to show better to be a Champion. I also liked the dark red and white, Fashionable Chap By Topfuel, This dog exudes breed type. Excellent bone, strong well-filled head. He is a bit stuffy in neck, and his topline tends to sag a bit when he moves. But he is a very striking dog.
Robert K. Thomas (USA)
My thanks to the Bull Terrier Club for the privilege and honor of judging at this year’s Trophy Show weekend. My co-judge and longtime friend and I were pleased to have such a strong group.
We chose as winner, Williams and Hawkford’s Javarke Scarlet Moon over Busell, a statuesce red smut and white with a long strong head, smooth gently curved profile from start to finish, filled foreface, correct bite, and excellent expression. Square in outline, she has good length of neck leading to well laid shoulders and strong correct top line that holds true while moving. Her deep chest gives her a good amount of forechest and nice sweeping underline. Correct tail set accents her strong quarters, while exceptionally well down hocks complete her rear construction. She moves freely with excellent reach and drive, and ultimately when on to win the Charlie Girl Cup for movement as well. Shown in superb condition, she never let down through 3 tough classes of competition.
Runner up was Dyson’s Ch. Gorbain Ice Maiden Tawnbarr, a heavyweight white carrying a powerful head, strong deep muzzle, correct bite, and dramatic profile. She has excellent bone and substance while still being able to look feminine. Front and rear angulation are adequate and she moves accordingly. She has excellent depth and width to her rib cage and strong rear quarters. While she had a more dramatic head, she gave way to the winner in soundness and construction, carrying a bit too much weight today.
Carl L. Pew, DVM, MRCVS
It was a great pleasure to judge the Ormandy Bitch Jug with Carl Pew we where in complete agreement! I was disappointed to find so many young bitches with bad top lines on the move and poor rear movement. it is more than a just a head competition!
1st Javarke Scarlet Moon Over Busell
Red and white in supreme condition, good head with profile, yet feminine no exaggeration. Ears on top, perfect teeth, she has wonderful symmetry, neck, leg, back, perfectly balanced, perfect front feet, her hind quarters is first class well bent stifle well developed 1ST & 2ND thigh muscle and move well. Tail set is correct, kept her top line prefect on the move, confirmation of her sound construction, a joy to see. Pleased to see she won The Charlie Girl Cup!
2nd A favourite of mine, Gorbain Ice Maiden of Tawnbarr
Big powerful, sound as a bell, very good head, depth and power, correct teeth, excellent neck and shoulders. 1st class hindquarters, moved well, tail a tad high set! Not in the best of condition today!
I must mention another that stood out, Abenaki Romantic Destiny. Absolute top draw! She is 1st class in so many ways. Moved in one piece and looked stunning,
Eric Stanley (Aricon)
Thank you to the Bull Terrier club committee for the invitation to judge the Trophy. The quality of exhibits was high; the selectors did a good job.
My co judge and I were in complete agreement on our winners. The winners of the Sandawana Trophy for best coloured Dog or Bitch shown at a champion show in 2015 was CH. BLAZINBULLYS DARK KNIGHT. Super black brindle/white dog. Lovely head and eye. Ears on top, correct sweep of profile, deep under jaw and correct mouth, Beautifully balanced, good shoulder placement, straight front and lovely feet. Good spring of rib, well let down hocks and correct tail placement, moved well front and rear.
The runner up JAVARKE SCARLET MOON OVER BUSELL. Lovely feminine red and white. Super little girl, lovely head and eye. Ears on top, Correct sweep of profile with good under jaw and mouth correct. Beautifully balanced, Straight front good feet with well arched toes. Short back and correct quarters. Well let down hocks and correct tail placement. Moved extremely well and was put forward to compete in the movement trophy.
Two lovely Bull Terriers.
Thank you to all competitors. It was a pleasure to go over your dogs.
June Ottewell
Thanks to the BTC Committee for inviting me to judge the Sandawana Trophy, which in my opinion is the most prestigious coloured bull terrier club trophy show on the planet today. I was pleased to find my co judge was June Ottewell who is one of the leading authorities on the coloured breed to day. Thanks to the hard work of the committee providing the perfect environment to complete our task. My co judge and I were in complete agreement awarding CH BLAZINBULLYS DARK NIGHT BOB Sandawana Trophy. I found this mature well-known CH dark brindle dog, to be right on form and up for the task, showing his class and ring presence. Lovely deep square and shapely body lines, long arched strong neck, great head with fill and turn correct mouth, wicked expression ears right on top good quarters, moved well and showed all the time. And to top that, the dog and handler were as one well done.
RUNNER UP is the best bitch and winner of the Charlie Girl cup for best mover in show JAVARKE SCARLET MOON OVER BUSELL. What a bitch, what a surprise for me who saw her for the first time i can’t wait to see her again, beautiful top class red bitch, steeped in class and quality short square deep trunk good front and feet, long strong neck, good powerful head. Correct mouth, shapely strong quarters moved and showed well all the time. Expertly handled, what more can I say, I do believe this bitch could become very important to the breed in general. At the end of the day another great Trophy Show and weekend, roll on next year
Jimmy Henderson (Brobar)
I would like to start by thanking the committee for inviting me to judge at this prestigious event. I was honoured to judge the International Trophy with my co judge Steve Wheatley. We were in complete agreement throughout and it was a pleasure to judge a high class entry from all over the world. Our winner was the outstanding brindle ZAPPY ZACK TIMAR from Poland, he has a powerful well filled head with excellent profile, long neck into well laid shoulders with a straight front and plenty of bone. His chest is deep and broad with good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs, he has a lovely topline and powerful well muscled quarters with good rear angulation he moved well in front, a little close behind. Our B.O.S was the top class white CH ANNELIESE VOM WELPERSBERG from Germany, she has a lovely head, plenty of fill and turn, long elegant neck, well laid shoulders good straight front with plenty of bone. She has a short back correct topline and great rear end. She moved well in front a little close behind moving slightly better than our winner on the day. We felt his outstanding virtues just edged it.
J. Woolliss (Taipan)
It was an honour and a privilege to be invited by the Bull Terrier Club Committee to judge their International Trophy alongside my co judge Mr John Woolliss.
We were in complete agreement from the outset with our eventual winners whom did not disappoint when we got our hands on them.
Our overall winner was
A powerhouse of a dog in a lovely brindle coat, this dog has maximum bone and substance in a well-defined shapely body, powerful strong well filled up head with excellent profile and roman finish but not over exaggerated. He has a strong tapering neck leading to well laid shoulders with a very good fore chest, lovely round bone with good pasterns and good feet. Good level top line, which he held on the move, with a well set on tail. Good strong rear quarters and good hocks, he moved well both in front and rear with purpose, he took the top spot today on his overall ring presence which his more that capable handler brought out in him.
Our runner up and best opposite sex was
Very impressive well balanced white girl with eye patch who never stopped showing in the hands of her more than capable handler, she has a super strong head whilst still remaining feminine, good mouth with a good eye and very good ear placement giving a wonderful expression, lovely elegant neck with good shoulders and front and nice tight feet, lovely flowing body lines leading to well angulated rear quarters, she moved very well both ways holding her top line. A real top quality girl
Stephen Wheatley (Bulterzar)

BTC Trophy Show Critiques 2014

Many thanks to the Bull Terrier Club Committee; it was my honor to judge the Regent Trophy.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I also would like to thank my co judge, Carolyn Lambert. It is great fun to be with fanciers from all over the world and a great opportunity to go over such a rich entry.
CH Emred Devil’s Advocate won the TRIPLE CROWN, the Regent Trophy, Ormandy Jug and Sandawana Trophy; it was a most memorable time!
Regent Trophy Winner
Lamonby”s Ch Emred  Devil’s Advocate
Ultra typy masculine red and white, this boy is very short backed, square, balanced and athletic   His head has strength and power with good length of foreface, strong profile with good finish, keen expression.  Mouth is one incisor off, muscular neck extends into a rock solid topline finishing into a correct tail set, and He has good depth through the chest and brisket. He has strong round bone, which extends through pasterns fore and aft Hocks well let down.  While he is jaunty, his movement could be cleaner; He is expertly handled and presented. He screams bull terrier through and through and his fabulous type, topline, and many other virtues carried him to the top today,
Reserve Coverwood Casket Trophy Winner
Blairs”s Ch Megaville Signing Off. 
Substantial powerful masculine dog, he is brimming with bone and substance. His head is very strong with ample fill and turn His correct dentition, He has a positive forehand with good depth of chest, and His ribs are well sprung.  He has strong round bone down to the ground. He is a tad long cast.  He has a well set on rear assembly, He moved with good reach and drive and fluidity from the side. Beautifully presented, this dog’s excellent bone and substance in an athletic package are virtues to be recognized.
The Golden State Trophy (best opposite sex)
Foster and Bickers Bilboen Beyond The Stars
Well-marked black brindle and white with a sweeping outline. Her feminine and classic lines flow with smoothness, With Positive length to her head, she possesses good fill and finish, her mouth is correct. Her reach of neck is stunning and extends into a good forehand, she is solid across the topline, she is solid across the topline and has a shapely underline and good tuck up.  Her stifles are correctly angulated with hocks well let down her tail is set on a bit high. She moved well earning the Charlie Girl Cup. Not yet mature, this shapely scopey bitch is eye filler.
I would like to thank the Bull Terrier Club Committee for the honour of judging this fabulous Trophy, it was a real pleasure to go over such wonderful dogs and bitches. I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to judge with Mary Remer and we agreed wholeheartedly on our selections.  The diversity of our breed is there for all to see when you look at the winner and runner-up and see what different types they are but still such beautiful examples of the Bull Terrier.
Regent Trophy Winner
Champion Emred Devil’s Advocate – Super, compact, rich red and white dog of lovely proportions. He has a beautiful head, well filled with a gentle profile, good expression and well set ears. Bite is level. A good length of neck with well laid shoulder and a short back.  Straight front with neat cat like feet.  Good bone and well shaped hindquarters. His movement is a touch close behind but he moves with pace and drive. The ultimate showman, he was handled and presented in wonderful condition.
The Coverwood Casket for Runner Up to the Regent Trophy Winner
Champion Megaville’s Signing Off – If you were only able to use one word to describe this dog it would be “powerhouse”.  He is such a big, powerful looking white dog with black ears and eye-marking, he fills his space with such presence.  He has a strong head, packed and filled just lacking a classic profile. Good expression and well placed ears. Good mouth. Straight front with tremendous bone and substance, broad chest, lovely deep brisket and wide ribcage. So typy and well made.
The Golden State Trophy for Best Opposite Sex to the Regent Trophy Winner
Bilboen Beyond The Stars – A very elegant, tall, black brindle bitch with such a beautiful head, well filled and shaped with a classic sweeping profile. Correct bite.  Well-shaped ears, correctly set. Lovely neck and shoulder, correct top line and nicely shaped quarters.  Very good movement. She has such quality and style; she really is a delight to go over.  Shown in immaculate condition.
Charlie Girl Cup for Movement
Selections were Rabram Royal Star, Bilboen Beyond The Stars, Ch. Blazinbullys Dark Knight, Ch. Notorious Joker of Blazinbullys, Debully Vagabond Queen, Goodbye to Helen Wheels At Kaiserbulland Gorbain Ice Maiden Tawnbarr.
Our choice was Bilboen Beyond The Stars – She covered the ground with long easy strides, moving freely and with drive, parallel coming and going.  A pleasure to watch.
Mrs Carolyn Lambert (Caliber)

First can I say what a great weekend at Coventry. I thought the standard of entries was fantastic and there was a wonderful atmosphere. I thank the Committee for their excellent hospitality and for inviting me to Judge. I was truly honoured to do so.

It was also a great honour to judge alongside Mr Gordon Smith. It was a very strong class .It was a tough call to place the first and second dog and I am grateful to Mr Colin Bohler for his help as referee. We came to a good decision in the end.

First Place
A strong rich red, very short coupled, filled head, good eye and expression. Great round bone, muscular body with great make and shape. Showed and handled well.
On the move his top line was good and he went well in front, but his action was close behind. He also had a soft ear when on the move and a very slight mouth fault.
But in all a good dog … well done.

Second place
High quality black brindle. Nice head with a classic turn and perfect mouth. Great gun barrel front and strong quarters. Showed and handled well. Lovely neck ,shoulders and feet making a great shape when stood. Moved well in front and behind with wide hind quarters. For me today this dog tipped the scales on better rear movement.
But both dogs were high quality.
A heartfelt thank you to the Committee for the invitation,  It was a great privilege to judge the Dog Jug with Mr David Jones. My choice for winner was the outstanding Ch Emred Devils Advocate. A powerful well marked red and white excelling in bone and exuding type. A superb head that is wide, extremely well filled and deep with a sweeping profile and finish. Neat ears which he uses well. Beautifully balanced throughout with a lovely neck, correct lay of shoulder, upper arm and superb topline. The shortest of backs and perfect tail set. His quarters are strong and well let down. Front movement coming was ok while his rear movement somewhat uncoordinated. Completely in tune with his handler, in top condition and beautifully presented. For me a clear winner. 
My co judge preferred the black brindle Ch Blazinbullys Dark Knight. A neat short backed dog with a lovely neck and beautifully turned, long head. Possesses a wicked eye with neat ears right on top. Correct bite, A shapely dog with a good topline. Moved ok coming but a little less drive and close behind.  I would like to have seen a bit more bone and he didn’t possess the overall power and depth of head of the winner. I actually preferred the overall type, balance, substance and bone, as well as the strength of head of Ch Taylajay Dream A Lie at Megaville who I thought looked particularly good on the day. My co judge and I agreed to disagree so the decision for winner went to the referee Mr Colin Bohler who agreed with me and chose Ch Emred Devils Advocate for winner leaving Ch Blazinbully’s Dark Knight runner up.
Our two dogs chosen to go forward to compete in the Charlie Girl Cup were Ch Notorious Joker of Blazinbullys and Ch Blazinbullys Dark Knight.
Gordon Smith (Judge) Canada
As referee I was called upon to make the final decision between Mr & Mrs Lamonby’s, No 16 Ch Emred Devil’s Advocate and Mr & Mrs Mathison, No 15 Ch Blazinbullys Dark Knight.
My final choice was No 16 Ch Emred Devils Advocate a red and white dog with a strong deep and well-turned head, a good depth of muzzle and a correct bite.  Ears were well placed on top of the head, with a good keen eye giving a punishing expression. He had a good lay back of shoulder with a level top line, a correct straight front and strong hind quarters. Well-presented and in top show condition.  Movement was better in front than behind.
Runner up No 15 Ch Blazinbullys Dark Knight a black brindle and white dog with a good strong head, a good profile and a correct mouth. Well laid back shoulder with a good reach of neck and a level top line, a gun barrel front with tight feet, good spring of rib.  I would have liked to have seen more turn of stifle, however moves well both ways. In top show condition and well presented.
Colin Bohler (Referee)
Ormandy Jugs for Bitches was judged by Mr Bill Poole and myself, our final choice was between two bitches, Mr & Mrs Phillips, No 30 Ch Bullyon Imeasureabull Ness and Mr & Mrs Dobbin, No 33 Debully Vagabond Queen.
Our choice was No 30 Ch Bullyon Imeasureabull Ness a white bitch with a powerful head, a correct bite and keen expression.  Good reach of neck and well laid back shoulder, straight front with adequate bone. Good tail set with well angulated hind quarters.  Moved well both ways and had excellent ring presence and was showed to perfection.
Runner up No 33 Debully Vagabond Queen a white bitch with a long full and turned head, a correct bite and dark eye.  Straight front and a level top line. Moves well both ways, in top show condition and well presented would have like to have seen better ear placement to complete the picture.
Colin Bohler (Judge) Kingstonia Bull Terriers
Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge the Ormandy Jug for Bitches.  It is truly an honour.  Thank you to the exhibitors for presenting your dogs in great condition and congratulations on being selected for his prestigious event.
It was a pleasure and honour to judge with the esteemed Mr Colin Bohler.  We were in complete agreement with the winner and reserve.
We chose Ch. Bullyon Imeasureabull Ness as the winner of the Ormandy Jug for bitches. She is a medium sized white bitch with lovely body lines. Her head is well filled with a dramatic profile and small, well-placed dark eyes.  Her mouth is correct. Her ears are set correctly and she uses them well. She has a straight front and nice tight feet.   Her neck is long and leads into a good lay of shoulder. She has a well-developed ribcage and good rear agulation. Her front movement is good and she moves out with drive in the rear. She showed beautifully and was expertely presented.
Debully Vagabond Queen was our choice for runner-up to the Ormandy Jug for bitches. She is a totally different type from the winner.  She is a compact, substantial heavyweight with a long, well-filled and turned head and wicked expression. Her mouth is correct. She has nice round bone and a straight front. Excellent spring of rib and a well-developed, strong rear. Movement was good in both directions. She went forward for the Charlie Girl Cup for movement.
Bill Poole (Judge)
It was an honour to be invited to judge at the Bull Terrier Club major trophy show. My co judge and I were impressed with the overall quality of the invitees. Our winner Ch Emred Devils Advocate a red and white male of excellent virtues. Lovely power packed head with strong muzzle, correct dentition. Straight front with good bone and substance, well balanced throughout. Movement was a little erratic at the start but soon settled holding his topline showing his virtues from start to finish Another dog that caught the eye was Rabram Royal Star, a black brindle and white male with a lovely head and reach of neck. For me just a tad short in leg giving the impression of being long caste. Avery sound mover with drive who we put forward for the Charlie Girl Cup. Our Best Opposite Sex went to Bilboen Beyond the Stars a Black/Brindle and White who showed her virtues from the moment she entered the ring. Top class head filled and turned with a good mouth. Another sound mover she covered the ground with ease and went on to win the Charlie Girl Cup for  movement. Also for consideration Ch. Feenicks Next Generation at Bullyview and Bilboen Xavier who unfortunately is undershot.
A somewhat hectic start to proceedings when an incident in the crowd resulted in myself and others with medical training being needed.
I was over the moon to be given the opportunity to judge at this prestigious event in particular the Sandawana as coloureds have always held a place close to my heart, in finding my winners I found others both dogs and bitches to be snapping at their heels, fortunately my co judge Chuck Wannop felt as I did so not needing the intervention of the referee
Well-marked red and white of good proportions, I found his strengths to be balance and togetherness giving a typical male bull terrier type, his head is filled and long a good lay of shoulders lead on to a straight front a well coupled shapely body and a well angled rear, he stands on good feet, strong round bone, his overall out line was clean and completed the overall  picture and outweighed his rear movement which could be better.
Black & white girl, here I got my comeuppance when going over her I found her to be sound which showed in her movement, strong headed girl filled up with no coarseness, a good lay of shoulders and straight front, a powerful rear drove her along while reaching out in front, she could be coupled a tad better and long with a better tail carriage would present a better out line, non the less a worthy runner up against good competition.
CH FEENICKS NEXT GENERATION AT BULLYVIEW another red and white, put down to perfection s and knocking on the door
SPARTIATE PANDORA head was correct type no exaggerations, great make and shape, bone and rear end power to die for.
It was an honour and a privilege to Judge The International Trophy with my co-judge Mr Jimmy Henderson.  We were in complete agreement throughout.
The winner of The International Trophy was THUD AND CUDDLES HEAD OVER HEELS from France.  A powerful big, tall upstanding red with a beautiful head completely filled and turned and a perfect mouth.  He has a lovely long neck leading into a ramrod straight front with lovely bone. He had a nice shapely body with lovely quarters.  He moved and showed well. A dog with great quality.
Runner up, Best Opposite Sex and winner of the Jerjo’s International Trophy was ‘MULTI CH. BLACK DOMINA HIGH QUALITY’. A quality brindle and white bitch again from France, with a lovely head, plenty of fill and good profile.  Lovely front with a nice shapely body and good quarters. Her mouth is correct.  She moved well both ways and was shown and handled well.
My thanks to all the exhibitors who entered The International Trophy.
What a privilege for me to be invited by the Bull Terrier Club Committee to judge their International Trophy, how fortunate for me my co-judge was Mrs Jo Hylands,  the trophy winner was THUD AND CUDDLES HEAD OVER HEELS  very substantial heavily boned red dog, dead straight front, cat like feet strong neck great head with fill and turn correct mouth, broad deep chest, strong trunk good shapely quarters  moved well all the time for his confident handler overall picture was one of power and class…..the runner up was  MULTI CH BLACK DOMINA HIGH QUALITY,  very neat well put together dark brindle good well filled head, correct scissor bite, good ear placement strong neck short body,  beautiful brindle jacket  showed and moved well a credit to her handler unlucky to meet the trophy winner on the day. Worth a mention was  UNTITLED INSANE IN THE BRAIN   was the short backed white dog with a great head and a correct scissor bite he showed all the time and pushed the eventual winner hard  …….. Congratulations to the Committee who worked tirelessly to produce another fantastic successful  trophy show.