The Bull Terrier Club
Trophy Show Weekend 2022


The Competition for the 2021 Major Trophies will take place on Saturday 19th February and Sunday 20th February 2022. The Committee are pleased to announce:

Open Show – Saturday 19th February 2022

Bull Terrier Judge:  Mr Darren Hackett (Spartiate)

Miniature Bull Terrier Judge:  Ms. Jane Peakin (Byzantine)


Show opens at 09:00am, judging commencing at 09:30 am. Entry to this show is open to all. Schedules and further details may be obtained from the Show Manager.

Trophy Show- Sunday 20th February 2022
is open to spectators but competition is by invitation only. Judges will be announced nearer to the show date.


The Bull Terrier Club Committee are pleased to announce that they have recently signed a new 5-year contract with The Royal Court Hotel at Coventry. The new contract guarantees a home for The Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show for the next five years until 2022. It is difficult when tendering for the contract because there are very few Hotels willing to accept one hundred and fifty dogs into their hotels. Add on having the grounds to allow exercising and the options diminish quickly. The other hotels we did speak to were frankly not interested in hosting our event primarily due to the issues relating to accommodating that number of people with dogs. Eventually only one other hotel was interested but quoted room rates of almost double the rates we have negotiated with the Royal Court Hotel, not forgetting almost £3000.00 for the hire of the main room for the show. We have had the ‘Royal Court’ as a home for The Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show since 2009. There have been a number of changes to rates etc. and I will endeavour to explain the reasons behind the increase. Since 2009, there has been no room rate increase whatsoever. Our Chairman and I secured a five-year renewal contract in 2010 and managed to hold the room rate static for another five years. On renewal this year the Hotel negotiated an increase as follows: Friday Night, Double Room, Bed and Breakfast including evening meal is now £90.00. Saturday Night, Double Room, Bed and Breakfast is now £85.00. Sunday Night, Double Room, Bed and Breakfast including evening meal is now £90.00. There are single room and triple room rates available on request. We have also had to accept a dog charge per night per dog at £10.00. This has actually always been the case but I think the hotel have been good enough to turn a blind eye on occasions. The charge for dogs is a standard charge in most hotels that do allow dogs in rooms, so we did not think this was unreasonable. We consider that given there have been no increase on rates since 2009 and the current rates are guaranteed until 2022 this represents good value for money. The Hotel is under a refurbishment programme and I know a lot of our guests saw an improvement in the standard of rooms this year. We are also aware of one or two problems that arose this year and we will be taking all your comments into the debrief meeting with the Hotel senior managers and regional managers in March and raising your comments. The Hotel has a new management team in place and they seem keen to maintain the contract. We will always strive for improvement on your behalf and ask that you pass on your comments directly to a Committee member for action in an appropriate way. The hotel has instigated a booking form that allows you to book directly with all your details and personal requests, the hotel will send a form to you once you make a booking enquiry, we also hope to have the form available on the club’s website very soon. May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who continues to support the Club and The Trophy Show as it is only with your help can we move forward.

Best Wishes

Eddie Ball